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Moral majority not so Moral?

So republicans are out to teach Morals, Moral values, Family values etc. Yet, they seem to have a lot of issues of infidelity in their lives. How can they sit up there condemning people, and preaching Family Values...and cheat on their spouces? Heres a long list of republicans. This isnt to say Democrats dont cheat...they do, but they arent the ones who stand for Family Values and the Moral stand.

henry hyde

mike bowers

geroge bush was accused by linda tripp with a woman named jennifer <this would be bush SR>

and newt gingrich

bob dole

Bob dornan

john linder

even Reagan

William Cohen

Guy millner

Rush Limbaugh..cheated on 2 of his 3 wives..hes a great voice for the moral majority isnt he now..

Mitch skandalkis hired hookers

Michael Deaver hired hookers

John Warner

Bill Randall

Bill mcCartney

Dan Burton

Bob Barr

Strom Thurmond

Gilbert Davis

Bob Packwood

Kirk Fordice

Beverly Russel of the Christian Coalition, molested his stepdaughter

Marv albert


dont forget did Guiliani with his assistant, and Larry Craig tried to with a dude in the mens room, and How bout Foley, or Haggard orDavid Vitter.

sounds like the moral majority...isnt so moral afterall.

Update 2:

ah brian, but all republicans stand for Family Values...they are the Party of Family Values. Here, check out your party website at and read says it right there. Im not the one looking stupid.

Update 3:

dino- ah yes. That is a great thing to live by, i agree with it. Well, ive never cheated, never will, so i am free to do so on this.

Also, this thinking is backwords in some instances. It gives people the feeling that they can engage in things because others are already doing it, which is wrong.

Also, it doesnt quite apply, because Democrats arent the ones who preach family values, Republicans are. Dems point out things like this because Republicans are preaching something yet cant follow it themselves. The whold do as i say not as i do mentality. If Democrats were preaching the same thing, Family Values and Morality, then id be saying the same thing about them, and in fact, didnt i mention that dems have cheated? They have...shame on them...but the thing is...they dont go around condemning people for it and the whole family values crap, thus the saying does not apply as you are trying to use it.

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    Because it's "Do as I say, not as I do" for the supposedly moral mongers.

    I know - my preacher cheated on his wife with my grandmother. Ick - don't get me started with this stuff!

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    Morality is an ideal most of us strive toward. No-one can be totally moral.

    For myself morality (as in the moral majority) is so closely intertwined with money that it becomes meaningless or at least a contradiction in terms.

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    For your edification:

    There are fiscal conservatives who hate taxation and government waste.

    There are social conservatives who hate the "anything goes" mentality of liberals.

    The group you dispise is the second group.

    They tend to be "live and let live" until you reach into their pocketbooks and make them pay for the natural and logical consequences of a group of people who love freedom without personal responsibility.

    At that point, the two factions overlap.

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    Yep. You've nailed one of the big problems with the Republican Party. I lean conservative but have no patience with these moral zealots. Which is why I joined the Libertarians. There is no place for moralistic crusades in government, whether liberal or conservative. And they are both guilty of their own versions of what is acceptable and unacceptable. Extremism in politics and government must end.

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    They are not stand for any such thing. They are grandstanding. Family values & morals, they are just vague terms that mean whatever the listener whats them to mean.

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    there is a long list of democrats that are jerks

    can we rise above the finger pointing and simply elect people better suited for the job ... instead of the 'faith' based vote for the cowboy next door stuff ... this is not a partisan issue to me

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    Don't forget Strom Thurmond had an affair with a black woman and he was a Why don't we leave morals to individuals and out of government. People will do what they want anyway.

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    It's quite possibly the biggest hypocrisy of the 21st century.

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    It is and always has been the "Oral Majority" (for obvious and numerous reasons)...

    It just so happens that there was a mistake when the flyers were printed, and the rest is herstory...

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    Didn't somebody once say "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"? Makes sense to me.

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