a company in england using yahoos name is saying i won big money. is this for real or a scam?

i'm getting emails from yahoo uk saying i won big money. they want me to go to a courier service, pay the courier service a fee to send me the money. what i want to know is this a real deal or a scam. if so i will continue. if not why are they using your good name. if you need information about the companies e-mail to me, i will give it.

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    Fake and Spam! Never fall for that. They will tell you that you had won a lottery or have money to collect. When you reply, they will request for personnel details and finally will ask money for paperwork, bank charges etc. SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!

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    This is a SCAM. You haven't won anything. There are several email scams hitting the internet, including the famous Yahoo lottery scam. See below link for confirmation of this scam


    Unscrupulous thieves have sent you this email and they are trying to part you from your hard earned cash. They will often ask you to call a premium rate number and keep you holding on whilst you rack up a huge phone bill. They are then paid a large proportion of this phone bill. They may ask you to divulge personal information about yourself or ask for your bank or credit card details. Do not divulge any such information under any circumstances. It is surprising how many innocent victims have been duped by these types of emails. Just remember the thieves who send them are very clever and extremely convincing. I suggest you delete the email and send it into cyberspace, hopefully along with the thieving scumbags who send them.

    Check out these sites for further information :



    Source(s): Experience within Criminal Justice Dept. U.K. (dealt with such scams.)
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    No, it is not legitimate. If you did not enter a Yahoo/MSN sweepstakes you did not win a sweepstake. This has been circulating for quite some time now and it is oriented to obtain personal information. It is a scam and it is phishing for information. No one from Yahoo will ever ask for your personal ID.


    We advise that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to you as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of this program by the general public.

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    100% SCAM. Yahoo doesn't have lotteries or cash giveaways. If they did, you can be sure there would be a LOT of advertising for it all over their web sites. Just delete that email, and any others like it that you are likely to get. DON'T click any links in it, and certainly DON'T reply to it.

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  • 4 years ago

    This is a known phishing scam attempting to get you to give them all your personal info. It's not from Yahoo, just delete it and ignore it. Good luck and be careful.

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    Sorry friend. If you did not buy a ticket remember this.You don't get anything for nothing, it's a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The following sites give more information. www.scambusters.org www.scambusters-419.co.uk The iinternet is safe enough if you are careful but please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and be careful.

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    This is a scam! Somebody is trying to verify your e-mail address so it can be sold to spammers, or they are trying to get your bank account info so you can be ripped off later! Report such a mail to:


    Federal Trade Commission spam@uce.gov

    Treasury Department 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov

    To read more about this go to the links below.



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    1 decade ago

    Scam - I get loads of them. Typical advance fee stuff. Did you BUY a Lottery Ticket? Noooooo. They want your MONEY.

  • 1 decade ago

    If all the money making schemes that I have received this year, were legitimate, I would be hiring Bill Gates to wash my car and Opra Winfrey would be my maid.

    Yahoo DOES NOT operate lotteries. PLEASE do not waste your time responding to these emails.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    1 decade ago

    Scam I get them a lot.

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