how many drive-in theatres are left in this country and where are they located?


our local drive-in was tore down to make way for google command center or communications center

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    The web sites below list the ones in the US by state.

    Extra info. These are movies that all have scenes filmed in real drive-in theaters


    Buster and Billie

    Back to the Future Part III

    One Crazy Summer

    Grease (Pickwick Drive-In in Burbank, CA., now gone)

    The Lords Of Flatbush

    The Lost Boys (Skyview Drive In Theater, Santa Cruz, CA, still in operation)

    The Outsiders (Admiral Twin Drive-In in Tulsa, OK, still in operation)

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure

    Ski Party (Victory Drive-In in North Hollywood, CA., now gone)

    Spies Like Us (Lancaster Drive-In in Lancaster, CA., now gone)

    Sweet Dreams

    Targets (Reseda Drive-in, Reseda CA, now gone)

    Twister (Galaxy Drive-In scene filmed at the Beacon Drive-In in Guthrie, OK., still in operation)

    The Flamingo Rising (Drive-In constructed at Marineland of Florida - 9600 Ocean Shore Boulevard, Marineland, Florida, USA)

    Cecil B. Demented (Bengies Drive In -- Baltimore MD, open)

    Blue Thunder (Pickwick Drive-In in Burbank, CA., now gone)

    Cars (Pixar animated feature, chase through drive-in, also depicted in promo trailers.)

    Poetic Justice (90's John Singleton drama starring Janet Jackson and Tupac features a shooting in a drive in)

    Natural Born Killers (Cut scene features lead characters Mickey and Mallory at a drive-in movie after they've sustained snakebites)

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    250? 577? that's a BIG discrepancy!! somebody doesn't know what they're talking about OR they don't keep their website updated OR maybe they are just guessing? suppose you could make your own list by asking on here but the info might not be complete as not everyone who knows a drive-in will answer your question; but I'll do my LITTLE part to help ya. I remember one in Wichita, KS on MacArthur and I know one in Newberg, OR (just south of Portland)

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    there are a couple in the LA area... well i know of at least one in the LA area that is still running...

    it is called the Vineland.... I have been there are a couple of times... It costs about $7 a person and if you get there at the right time you can see 2 movies and you also can bring in your own food....

    here is a list of Drive-ins that are still in operation , (this isn't a complete list though)...

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  • 5 years ago

    The Sunset in San Luis Obispo California

  • 1 decade ago

    Skyview is still open in Belleville Illinois. But rumor has it that it will be sold soon to a developer so they can build apartments on the land.

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    there are a few in on SR 67 and on highway 37. they are in the center part of indiana.

  • Here in South Florida we have one drive in left. It is in Sunrise.

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    I know of three in San Diego area- one in Chula Vista, one in Santee, and one in Oceanside

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    1 decade ago

    approximately 250

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