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does .scr virus only infect word documents? or do they also infect other files like photos, videos & etc.?

does .scr virus only infect word documents? or do they also infect other files like photos, videos & etc.?

my laptop is infected with .scr virus, im planning to reformat it,, do other files or data are also infected with this virus? is it possible to backup my photos,videos and etc.? thanks in advance..

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    .scr is the file extension for screen savers. And Symantec does not list this as a virus in itself, and it actually could be a worm or spyware. It must have something else in front of the .scr. Do you not have antivirus and antispyware on your laptop? If not, why on earth don't you? No one can safely operate a computer on the internet these days without AV and antispyware. Before you reformat your hard drive and lose a bunch of stuff, why not run a good AV program like Avast 4-Home (free version) and a couple of antispyware programs like SpyBot and Ad-Aware, which you can get free from

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    won't be as undesirable because it variety of feels, try those. available difficulty, corrupted person account, restore, upload a sparkling account and delete the old one. FYI, this is not a solid thought to apply the administrator account on an identical time as surfing the internet. It has all rights and privledges which leaves you completely vulnerable if a hacker gets in, use a centred visitor account. available difficulty, The GUI shell, explorer.exe, is broken or not working. Press ctrl, alt, del to open the job supervisor, look on the technique checklist for explorer.exe, if this is not there, on the report menu, go with new job, type explorer.exe and enter. notwithstanding if this is there, suited click it and kill it, it may restart straight away, if it does, this isn't the subject. i desire you have the OS cd or a restoration partition on the stressfulpersistent. in case you do, run the restore gadget, this is going to replace any corrupted or lacking gadget middle data. solid success, do not format and reinstall except there are actually not the different strategies, people who propose it and try this on each occasion they have a difficulty are in basic terms helpless. With each and all the updates and the particular drivers that manufacturers use at the instant this is a actual headache. to boot, fixing it your self is a solid gaining information of journey, this is not complicated.

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    A .scr file is a Screen Saver so you have picked up a screen saver and its infected.

    Run scans using these free online ones:

    Kaspersky(This wont remove but will do a full scan of system)

    BitDefender(This WILL remove products found)

    Ewido AntiSpyware OnlineScan(This WILL Remove products found)

    Do full scans at least twice and remove what they find.

    But you MUST scan in INTERNET EXPLORER!

    But if other files are infected,Im sorry but there gone.

    Hope i helped.

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