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Bad pain in tooth two years after root canal and crown?

My tooth has had severe pain for the past two weeks. I was taking some left over antibiotics that I had left from another tooth I got fix. They helped for awhile but the pain came back. What could be causing it. The tooth hurts to the touch so much I can not chew and it has a throbbing, stinging pain. I have another monh before my insurance kicks in. How will the dentist fix this? Is it possible the tooth will need to be pulled. Will another root canal need to be done? Can they do it without me having to get another crown?

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    It is possible that you have a recurrent abscess. Contrary to what some people may tell you, if it is just an infection there are things that can be done. They can try giving you a full course of antibiotics and see if it clears up. If it comes back after that, then you can get what is called an apicoectomy. They go in and remove the tip of the root of the tooth. Its not cheap, but it is less than getting it pulled and getting a bridge. However, root canaled teeth are always more brittle and run the risk of cracking. A cracked tooth can be painful and also cause an infection. If the tooth is cracked vertically or is cracked horizontally below the gum line, then there is nothing left to do but pull it. They can usually find that out with a few x-rays. Just, avoid pulling it at all cost if you dont have to because in the end it costs more for the bridge and having to replace it every few years. Its also its not great for your mouth and can mess up the rest of your teeth.

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    i've had this procedure done on a few teeth and a few weeks ago i had it done on a back tooth and oi know what you mean the pain is TERRIBLE it is almost worse than child birth !!! it could be that you have an infection and the antibiotics that your dentist gave you before the tratment either were not strong enough or the were given too early ,sometimes what can happen is that you can get what is known as a phantom abcess( this is what happened me a few weeks ago ) and it is very sore ,i would go back and see the dentist before 3 days though , ask if you can have an emergancy appointment,there is no point in suffering for another 3 days if you can be seen in the morning ,it is extremly common to be in a lot of pain after this procedure but once it becomes unbearable you need to see about it,i made an emergancy appointment and was dreading it ,but he gave my some more antibiotics and corsydol mouthwash and i was fine within a few days.

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    Pain From Crown

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    Your tooth will probably need to be pulled since it sounds like you have decay that goes into your root. Many dentists can provide a replica false tooth and plant it where the old one was. Not cheap but I'm sure that a good dentist can put you on a payment plan if you need it.

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    Your tooth probably have a periapical infection. Your dentist will take radiograph (xray) of that. You have two option..extraction or root canal therapy.

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    Sounds as if you have a leak in the canal. You need to go to the dentist as you are getting an abscess. When that happens, you have to have it pulled. Been there, done that.

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    If you cannot get the repair done now, get started and begin some antibiotics. Sounds like it might be an infection.

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