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what is DIC (Disseminated Intravscular Coagulation)??

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    DIC is 彌散性血管內凝血


    對於彌散性血管內凝血的成因有很多, 通常引致身體產生的化學物質釋放致血管內並引致凝血that instigates the coagulation.

    Obstetric complications (most common cause), with chemicals from the uterus being released into the blood, or from amniotic fluid embolisms, and eclampsia can be causes. Another obstetric condition which can cause DIC is abruptio placentae.

    Sepsis, 特別是革蘭氏陰性細菌.

    組織創傷像燒傷, 意外, 手術 或 昏厥.

    惡性腫瘤引致的癌症, 或廣泛性組織受損(例如燒傷), 或 過敏反應均可產生化學物引致彌散性血管內凝血.

    肝 病

    Incompatible blood 輸血引致的反應

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