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Mozart Sonata K570 programme note, Please help.

I am going to sit for the DipABRSM this year. I have prepared K570, but

I have no idea on the Programme note. Can anyone help?!!

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    The K. 570 sonata is one of the last piano sonatas of Mozart, as well as a very late work in Mozart's output. It is comparatively more complicated than all the earlier sonatas.

    Before you start on your notes, you should first find an authoritative score. Which edition are you using? Try to find a proper "Urtext", such as one from Barenreiter, Henle, or my recommendation, Nathan Broder's edition (published by Theodore Presser, around US$22, well-worth the investment).

    Try comparing some features with the earlier sonatas, such as the use of contrapuntal devices, form, etc.. Its expressive range may not be as dramatic, but in a way, more profound. Mozart had abandoned his earlier style of writing keyboard music - one that imitates his operatic writing - and evolved into a wholly independent and unique style. The piano now expresses music in its own language without the need to imitate, and the Classical style is crystalized in the writings of these late keyboard works (such as the sonata that comes after, or the Duport variations). The style will also put a close to Classical keyboard writing; starting with Beethoven, a new style emerges for the piano. (A quasi-parallel can be simplistically drawn with the close of the romantic era with Mahler's last symphonies or Strauss's last orchestral works.)

    The articulations of this sonata is of prime importance. Any tempering with Mozart's original writing of the slurs and other markings will render it stylistically unintelligible. Just take the opening for instance: if one were to play the entire arpeggio figure slurred (instead of playing two-note slurs as written by Mozart), the essence of Mozart and Classical keyboard style will be completely gone.

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