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Photoshop Illustrator Mapping object round sphere?

Hi I have a vector image of australia and I want to make it look like it is wrapped around the earth (sphere). I am looking for a simple tutorial step by step on how to do this. If anyone can simplify the process that would be great as every tutorial I find is incredibly involved. I didn't think it would be so hard to achive something so minor.



I understand where you are coming from. I have been using this technique. I am using CS3. However, I don't have the option to select graphic in the symbols options box and when I choose effect/3d/revolve I have so many options and the default is a cylinder looking object not a sphere so it is wrapping around a more tube like object and not a ball.

How can I fix this?

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    Update: Why don't you have the Graphic option in the Symbol Options box? Grayed out? If so, maybe use Live Trace on Australia or try rasterizing it.

    To get a sphere in Effect/3D/Revolve you have to start out with a half circle. Ellipse tool, hold down Shift, Direct Selection Tool, delete one anchor point to create a half circle.

    Effect/3D/Revolve, check Preview box, the Revolve angle should be 360. Offset should be 0 and try changing the "from" box from Left or Right Edge. You should be seeing a sphere, not a cylinder.

    I think you'll need at least Illustrator CS2 to do this. It's fairly simple actually.

    1. Place your image of Australia in your new file.

    2. Open the Symbols panel.

    3. Select and drag Australia into the Symbols panel.

    4. Choose Graphic in the Symbols Options box.

    5. Deselect Australia.

    6. Select the Ellipse tool and draw a circle.

    7. Click the Direct Selection Tool and select one point on the side of the circle. Press Delete to make the circle a half circle.

    8. Choose No Fill for the fill color and select some color for the Stroke color.

    9. Choose Effect/3D/Revolve and then check the Preview box.

    10. Click Map Art in the 3D Options box.

    11. Choose the Australia symbol in the Symbol box in the Map Art dialog box. Click the Preview box.

    That should do it for you.

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