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AP history homework help!!!!!?

I need to know the names of 10 important people; well, 10 from each of the following english regions:New England, Middle, and Southern regions. Please include the person's name and region, and why they are important.

Please help! this is due on thursday!!!!

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    Each ten has gotta be worth as least two points - - - let us try to be 'fair,'geeze most history wonks wil give you ten names easy and maybe a descrition but THIRTY........

    """Massachusetts: Famous Bay Staters

    Biographies of almost all of these famous Massachusetts residents can be found in the Gale database, Infotrac, Biography Resource Center. Just click on Databases in the list on the right and enter your library barcode number.

    Abigail Adams, wife and mother of presidents, Weymouth, WoBio IV

    Charles F. Adams, WB

    John Adams, 2nd U.S. president, Braintree NAB 6; WB; WoBio V

    John Quincy Adams, 6th U.S. president, Braintree NAB 6; WB; WoBio V

    Samuel Adams, patriot, Boston NAB 6; WB; WoBio IV

    Jack Albertson, actor, Malden

    Louisa May Alcott, author, NAB 10; WoBio V

    John and Priscilla Alden, Pilgrims, WB; LW

    Horatio Alger, author, Revere WoBio V

    Susan B. Anthony, woman suffragist, NAB 1; WoBio V

    Crispus Attucks, patriot, Boston WB

    F. Lee Bailey, defense attorney, Waltham

    Clara Barton, American Red Cross founder, Oxford NAB ; WoBio V

    Leonard Bernstein, conductor, Lawrence WoBio VII

    Forrest M. Bird, inventor, Stoughton

    Harold Stephen Black, inventor, Leominster

    William Bradford, colonial governor WoBio IV

    Rachel Fuller Brown, inventor, Springfield NAB 1

    William Cullen Bryan, poet, editor, Cummington WoBio VII

    Charles Bulfinch, architect, WB; WoBio V

    Thomas Bulfinch WB

    Luther Burbank, horticulturalist, Lancaster NAB 8; WoBio V

    George Bush, 41st U.S. president, Milton NAB 6; WoBio VII

    Lydia Maria Francis Child, writer and abolitionist WoBio V; LW

    Calvin Coolidge, president WB; WoBio VII

    William D. Coolidge, inventor, Hudson

    John Singleton Copley, painter, Boston NAB 9; WoBio VII

    John Cotton

    e.e. Cummings, poet, Cambridge NAB 10; WoBio VII

    James M. Curley, politician WB

    Bette Davis, actress, Lowell NAB 5; WoBio VII

    Stephen Daye WB

    Cecil B. DeMille, film director, Ashfield NAB 9; WoBio VII

    Emily Dickinson, poet, Amherst NAB 10; WoBio V

    Thomas Dudley WB

    Michael Dukakis, politician WB

    John Eliot WB; WoBio IV

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher, poet, Boston NAB 9; WB; WoBio V

    John Endecott WB

    Edward Everett WB

    Ann Smith Franklin, printer, almanac publisher, Boston

    Benjamin Franklin, statesman, scientist, Boston NAB 3, 6 & 8; WB; WoBio IV

    Buckminster Fuller, architect, educator, Milton NAB 8; WoBio VII

    Thomas Gage WB

    William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist; WoBio V

    Theodore Geisel/Dr. Seuss, author, illustrator, Springfield NAB 10; WoBio VII

    Elbridge Gerry WB

    Robert Hutchings Goddard, rocketry, Worcester NAB 8; WoBio VII

    Nathaniel Gorham, signer of Constitution, Charlestown SCUS; WB

    John Hancock, statesman, Braintree WB; WoBio IV

    John Harvard WB

    Nathaniel Hawthorne, author, Salem NAB 10; WB; WoBio V

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, poet, Cambridge NAB 10; WB

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., jurist, Boston NAB 7; WB; WoBio VIII

    Winslow Homer, painter, Boston NAB 9; WoBio V

    Elias Howe, inventor, Spencer NAB 3; WoBio V

    Anne Hutchinson, religious leader WB; WoBio IV

    Thomas Hutchinson, politician, WB; WoBio IV

    Helen Hunt Jackson, writer, Amherst; WoBio V

    Rufus King, signer of Constitution, SCUS

    Edward M. Kennedy, politician, Brookline WB

    John F. Kennedy, U.S. president, Brookline NAB 6; WB; WoBio VIII

    Robert F.Kennedy, politician, Brookline WB; WoBio VIII

    Henry Knox WB

    Lucy Larcom, writer & mill girl, Lowell LW

    Henry Cabot Lodge WB; WoBio VIII

    Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr, politician WB

    Amy Lowell, poet, Brookline NAB 10; WB; WoBio VIII

    Francis Cabot LowelL

    James Russell Lowell, poet, Cambridge WB

    Percival Lowell, astronomer, Boston

    Robert Lowell, poet, Boston NAB 10

    Mary Lyon, educator NAB 7; WoBio VI

    Horace Mann, educator, Franklin NAB 7; WB; WoBio IV

    Massasoit, chief WB; WoBio IV

    Cotton Mather, clergyman, Boston WB; WoBio IV

    Sharon Christa McAuliffe teacher, astronaut, Framingham,

    John McCormick, inventor WB

    Albert Abraham Michelson, physicist, Worcester WoBio VI

    Margaret Mitchell, astronomer, Nantucket NAB 8; LW

    Samuel F. B. Morse, painter, inventor, Charlestown NAB 3; WoBio VI

    Leonard Nimoy, actor, Boston

    Thomas "Tip" O'Neill, politician WB; WoBio IX

    James Otis, inventor WB

    Robert Paine WB

    Theodore Parker WB; WoBio VI

    George Peabody, merchant

    Wendell Phillips WoBio VI

    Timothy Pickering

    Albert Pike, pioneer teacher, lawyer, Boston

    Edgar Allan Poe, writer, Boston NAB 10 (though he is mostly thought of as a Baltimore man); WoBio VI

    Ella Raines, actress, Snoquaimie

    Edward Randolph WB

    Paul Revere, silversmith, Revolutionary War figure, Boston

    Robert H. Rines, inventor, Boston

    Samoset, WB

    Deborah Sampson, patriot WB; LW

    Franklin Benjamin Sanford, abolitionist, Concord

    Samuel Sewell WB; WoBio IV

    Daniel Shays, activist AB; WoBio IVI

    William Shirley WB

    Squanto WB

    Miles Standish WB; WoBio IV

    Lucy Stone, woman suffragist, West Brookfield NAB 1; WoBio VI

    Louis Henry Sullivan, architect, Boston NAB 9; WoBio VI

    Charles Sumner, politician WB; WoBio VI

    Henry David Thoreau, author, Concord NAB 10; WB; WoBio VI

    Max Tishler, inventor, Boston

    Joseph Warren, patriot WB

    Phyllis Wheatley, colonial poet, NAB 10; WB

    James McNeill Whistler, painter, Lowell NAB 9; WoBio VI

    Peregrine White WB

    Eli Whitney, inventor, Westborough NAB 3

    John Greenleaf Whittier, poet, Haverhill WoBio VI

    Ted Williams, baseball player

    Roger Williams, religious leader/founder of RI WB; WoBio IV

    Henry Wilson, politician WB

    Edward Winslow WB

    John Winthrop WB; WoBio IV ""

    """Famous Pennsylvanians

    Edward Goodrich Acheson inventor, Washington

    Louisa May Alcott author, Germantown

    Maxwell Anderson playwright, Atlantic

    Samuel Barber composer, West Chester

    John Barrymore actor, Philadelphia

    Donald Barthelme author, Philadelphia

    Stephen Vincent Benet poet, story writer, Bethlehem

    Daniel Boone frontiersman, Reading

    James Buchanan U.S. president, Mercersburg

    Alexander Calder sculptor, Philadelphia

    Rachel Carson biologist, author, Springdale

    Mary Cassatt painter, Allegheny

    George Catlin indian expert, poet, Wilkes-Barre

    Henry Steele Commager historian, Pittsburgh

    Bill Cosby actor, Philadelphia

    Stuart Davis painter, Philadelphia

    Walter E. Diemer inventor, Philadelphia

    Jimmy Dorsey band leader, Shenandoah

    Tommy Dorsey band leader, Mahanoy Plane

    Oliver Evans inventor, Philadelphia

    W. C. Fields comedian, Philadelphia

    Stephen Foster composer, Pittsburgh

    Robert Fulton inventor, Lancaster County

    Henry George economist, Philadelphia

    Martha Graham choreographer, Pittsburgh

    Alexander Haig secretary of state, Bala-Cynwyd

    William Edward Hanford inventor, Bristol

    Marilyn Horne mezzo-soprano, Bradford

    Lee Iacocca auto executive, Allentown

    Reggie Jackson baseball player, Wyncote

    Robinson Jeffers poet, Pittsburgh

    Gene Kelly dancer, actor, Pittsburgh

    Jim Kelly football player, East Brady

    Gelsey Kirkland ballerina, Bethlehem

    Stephanie Louise Kwolek inventor, New Kensington

    S. S. Kresge merchant, Bald Mount

    Mario Lanza actor, singer, Philadelphia

    Tara Lipinski figure skater, Philadelphia

    George C. Marshall five-star general, Uniontown

    George McClellan general, Philadelphia

    Margaret Mead anthropologist, Philadelphia

    Andrew Mellon financier, Pittsburgh

    Tom Mix actor, Mix Run

    Hezekiah Niles journalist, Jeffers Ford

    Arnold Palmer golfer, Youngstown

    Robert E. Peary explorer, Cresson

    Man Ray painter, photographer, Philadelphia

    Mary Roberts Rinehart author, Pittsburgh

    Betsy Griscom Ross flagmaker, Philadelphia

    B. F. Skinner psychologist, Susquehanna

    John Sloan painter, Loch Haven

    Gertrude Stein author, Allegheny

    James Stewart actor, Indiana

    George R. Stibitz inventor, York

    John Updike author, Shillington

    Honus Wagner baseball player, Carnegie

    Fred Waring band leader, Tyrone

    Ethel Waters singer, actress, Chester

    Anthony Wayne military officer, Waynesboro

    Andrew Wyeth painter, Chadds Ford"""

    """Famous Georgians

    Conrad Aiken poet, Savannah

    James Bowie soldier, Burke County

    Jim Brown actor, athlete, St. Simons Island

    Erskine Caldwell writer, Moreland

    James E. Carter U.S. president, Plains

    Ray Charles singer, Albany

    Lucius D. Clay banker, general, Marietta

    Ty Cobb baseball player, Narrows

    Charles Coburn movie and TV actor, Macon

    Ossie Davis actor, writer, Cogdell

    James Dickey poet, Atlanta

    Mattiwilda Dobbs soprano, Atlanta

    Melvyn Douglas actor, Macon

    Pete Drake musician/record producer, Augusta

    Rebecca Latimer Felton first appointed woman U.S. senator, Decatur

    Lawrence Fishburne III actor, Augusta

    Henry W. Grady journalist, Athens

    Amy Grant singer, Augusta

    Oliver Hardy comedian, Harlem

    Joel Chandler Harris journalist, author, Eatonton

    Roland Hayes singer, Curyville

    Fletcher Henderson musician/songwriter, Cuthbert

    Hulk Hogan professional wrestler, Augusta

    John Henry Doc Holliday western hero, Griffin

    Larry Holmes boxer, Cuthert

    Miriam Hopkins actress, Bainbridge

    Harry James trumpeter, Albany

    Jasper Johns painter, sculptor, Augusta

    Bobby Jones golfer, Atlanta

    Stacy Keach actor, Savannah

    DeForest Kelley actor, Atlanta

    Martin Luther King, Jr. civil rights leader, Atlanta

    Gladys Knight singer, Atlanta

    Joseph R. Lamar jurist, Elbert

    Brenda Lee singer, Lithonia

    Juliette Gordon Low U.S. Girl Scouts founder, Savannah

    Carson McCullers author, Columbus

    Blind Willie McTell blues pioneer, Thomson

    Johnny Mercer songwriter, Savannah

    Margaret Mitchell author, Atlanta

    John Robert Johnny Mize baseball player, Demorest

    Jessye Norman singer, Augusta

    Otis Redding singer, Dawson

    Jerry Reed singer/songwriter/actor, Atlanta

    Burt Reynolds actor, Waycross

    Little Richard singer, Macon

    Jackie Robinson baseball player, Cairo

    Tommy Roe singer/songwriter, Alpharetta

    Billy Joe Royal singer, Valdosta

    Dean Rusk secretary of state, Cherokee Cty

    Nipsey Russell comedian, Atlanta

    Ray Stevens singer/songwriter, Clarksdale

    Janelle Taylor romance novelist, Athens

    Clarence Thomas supreme court associate justice, Savannah

    Travis Tritt singer/songwriter, Marietta

    Alice Walker author, Eatonton

    Joanne Woodward actress, Thomasville

    Trisha Yearwood singer, Monticello""

    You will have to figure why the wife of a Presient and Mother of another is important. etc etc on your own...


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    Why don't you LOOK THEM UP on the internet.


    Back in MY day we had to actually go to the LIBRARY and open BOOKS to figure stuff out. Just be thankful for technology and GET GOING!

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