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Hi well we all know that we girls love perfume but i hate it when my perfume doesn't last long as like 4 to 5 hours lol i want to make it last pretty long so i can still feel fresh while in school because it gets pretty crowded when your trying to get to your classes lol

I use perfumes that smell like cotton candy, orchid and etcc lol i really like the sweet fresh scents

is there any ways that you guys use to make the perfume smell last longer?

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    When I spray my perfume I always spray my clothing along with my body. Because with the clothing the perfume attaches itself to the fibers of the clothing. This makes the scent or fragrance stay longer. Or you could try this.

    Women who love to wear fragrance often end up having to re-apply fragrance frequently throughout the day or night. Even perfume can dissipate quickly on the skin. Since fragrance products can be a pricy investment, it is important to get the most scent span (that's how long a scent lasts on your skin) from your product. Fortunately, there are some ways to boost scent span.

    One reason for the quick fade has to do with your own skin. It may seem like a mystery why two women can apply the exact same amount of the exact same fragrance product and get two very different scent spans. You can't really alter your skin chemistry, but there is one thing you can do. Moisturize.

    Fragrance lasts longer on well hydrated and well moisturized skin. If your skin is naturally oily, scent will cling longer. If you don't have naturally oily skin, you should moisturize. You can use a scent-free moisturizer and then apply fragrance over it, or you can use a scented moisturizer and kill two birds with one stone.

    If you skin is well hydrated, fragrance lasts longer, so the best time to apply your scent is when you get out of the bath or shower.

    Next, consider the product you're using. Perfume is going to last longer than cologne, no matter what kind of skin you have. If you're using a cologne or even an eau-de-toilette, you should consider upgrading to a perfume or eau-de-parfum to lengthen the scent-span. For some skin chemistries, you may need to use a perfume or other very high grade product to get a decent scent span.

    Another trick for enhancing scent span is layering. Just like layering clothes, the idea is to use different items one on top of the other. You can start with shower gel, then add a scented moisturizer, then a bit of scented lotion or cream on a few strategic areas, topped off with a spritz of eau-de-parfum.

    When you layer, use a variety of products in the same fragrance, but know that very bold (and very knowledgeable) perfumistas will sometimes mix scents as they layer up for the day. Don't do this unless you know what you're doing (or don't care if you end up smelling like a French you-know-what-kind-of-house).

    Last but not least, the fragrance itself can make a difference. Some fragrances just naturally have a tremendous scent span (Youth Dew Amber Nude by Estee Lauder is one of these long-lasting scents, so is Beyond Paradise from the same line). Other scents, particularly if they are lighter by nature (such as light florals) just never develop much scent span even in perfume form.

    If you can't get good scent span but still love the fragrance, invest in a small spray bottle and touch up, touch up, touch up. You've got to maximize your day by smelling your best.

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    Well there are many theories and alot of advice. I've heard it all myself, but this is some of the latest I've picked up from allure magazine, and several perfume fanatics in blogs over the years. The whole rubbing your wrists together because that breaks down a perfume, is not true. It's not easy to break down molecules, but the scent can smell bad on your skin if you do rub too much. It's the dead skin you don't see that's doing that reaction. Putting it on your clothes, is a risk you take. There are essential oils and alcohol in perfume that can stain clothes forever. No dry cleaner will ever get those out...

    Layering with the matching lotions and etc, is a marketing ploy the sales girls use to make you buy more. A perfume that mixed well with your chemistry will last, and we don't get to choose sometimes which one it is...which sucks. The only thing I've heard that works is using unscented petroleum jelly on pulse points. Only a thin layer will be good. Perfume holds onto it better than anything else. If you don't like that you can use unscented lotion.

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    Try "amazing grace" or "baby grace" from philosophy if you get a chance. They're very clean-smelling and a little sweet. The baby grace has a bit more of a school-aged feel to it than amazing grace. They have a lotion and fragrance spray in both. When I wear amazing grace, someone almost always asks me what I'm wearing, and my boyfriend ALWAYS tells me I smell really good! You can get them at Sephora, I think Nordstrom, and from the philosophy website. The spray lasts a long time, but I also like to layer the lotion and perfume together. Also, spritz on your "pulse points", because your skin is naturally warmer where the blood flow is highest (where your pulses are -- wrists, backs of knees, your neck). Forgive my pun, but you'll be "scent-sational"! (Hee hee!)

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    right this is a few suggestions (: a million. Dolce & Gabbanna - easy Blue for women. this is an extremely clean and clean heady scent. 2. Victoria's secret pink "With a splash" physique spray interior the "clean & clean" heady scent. It has a clean heady scent of lily and eco-friendly apples. 3. Curious by ability of Britney Spears. this is a easy floral heady heady scent it somewhat is girly. It smells like a mix of louisiana magnolia plant existence and clean bedsheets. 4. Princess by ability of Vera Wang. this is a candy heady heady scent, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that this is easy sufficient for many times occurring use and this is used as a date heady heady scent besides. terrific of success!

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    Burberry tender touch. Last a good while and kinda smell like gardinias.

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    The lady at our local Sephora told me that in order for the scent to last longer it's best not to rub your wrists together when you put it on, just let it air dry. I used to rub my wrists together all the time to spread the scent until she told me that. So far it's worked for me =) Good luck!

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    This one super works: Use mineral oil on your skin and apply the perfume over it.

    will last forever!

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    go to bath and body works and layer your body with the body lotion, bar soap or bath gel, and body spray all with the same fragrence. you will smell great. My favorite there was the flowering herbs. You will find your favorite scent.

    Source(s): thats what I do and everyone tells me I smell great.
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    put lotion the same smell as your perfume and it will be strong and last long also

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    spray it in ur hair.... everytime u move people can smell it :)

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