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restoration of philippine airlines during estrada's term?

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    NAIA 3 - Issue

    The restoration actually started in estrada's term but the negotiation ended in arroyos term.

    The real deal with this problem is this:

    1.) The Phil govt made a deal with a private company for them to invest in creating a airport using their money and they can run it for 10 years and whatever the income of that airlines for 10 years will be theirs.

    2.) After construction of the airport the "new" govt under GMA dont want to follow what is in the contract. They want the private sector to leave the airport to them. "NEVER DEAL WITH THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT"

    3.) It is now being restored and my company is one of the contractor there that is why i know this things. We are fixing the landscaping and the gas tanks.

    The government will be pulling a stunt that will make them the owner and the runner of the said terminal.

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    So, whats the question?

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    say what???? was the question again?

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