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Aer Lingus ,Fianna Fail,Graft and Corruption,The Dig Out Party. A question of Privatisation.?

Aer Lingus was Public Owned by the People of Ireland and Peoples Taxes Helped build it up.Now the Government has Privatised it and they the Company have decided to Abandoned the Shannon to Heathrow Route thus depriving the Business Community of its Link to the Vital Heathrow Hub. They have Decided to Fly from Belfast and give their Workers Reduced Rates and Privileges. There was a threatened Strike by Workers until Talks were Promised. T he Government do not want to do anything to Stop this from Happening it Seems. Has there Been any Discreet Brown Envelopes passed to Government Ministers on the Quiet do you think. Fianna Fail Has been known as the Dig out Party in the Past.They have let the People of Shannon down very Badly over this as they have the Power to stop this. When there is Privatisation the People and Workers always Suffer Badly and Prices go up as well .What do you think.


The Irish Government let the Workers of Irish Fairies down Badly as well,allowing them to Hire Foreign Workers at low Wages, and now Irish Fairies Ships Have a Flag of Convenience dropping IrishRegistration in Favour of Limassol in Cyprus. They said this could not Happen in the Past. It Began First with the Phillipino Hair Dressers on Irish Fairies being Paid Scab Wages, and one of these stood up to the Company and sued them and won her case and went back to the Phillipines Happy.

Update 2:

And This Prime Minister Bertie Ahern said he was a Socialist or had Socialist Tendencies, thats a Joke on his part isnt it or did he Imagine it. Dig out Bertie.

Update 3:

Cozy yes I am very upset at whats happened to Tara you can build a silly motorway anywhere but you cannot rebuild your Heritage.Dickie Roche signed it into Law thus putting a Plank in the Greens way of doing anything about it. I was annoyed with the Greens throwing in their lot with the Fianna Fail, I was hoping they would sign a pact with Labour Party and Fine Gail. Was Manila Envelopes passed to the Greens as well do you think.

Update 4:

Rosie sorry for The Irish Fairies Gaffe, I speak English so I prefer Prime Minister. The People of Shannon Region Say the Route is viable Something like 330,000 People a Year. I or my Family have never Voted for Fianna Fail. My Mother and Father always Voted Labour and Fine Gael and one or two Independants. I myself Vote Labour Fine Gael some Independants and now the ,Greens, but maybe not now since they have gone in with Fianna Fail.

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    You make a very valid point, privatisation of any national product will first and foremost bear it's shareholders interests before any moral standing, this has happened time and time again not only in Ireland but anywhere in the world.

    This government of ours is a complete joke, George Orwell's 'animal farm' springs to mind. The 'Teflon Taoiseach' (Bertie Ahern) will aways manage to squirm out of any controversial situation.

    We all saw this situation coming to fruition, yet the taxpayers and business people were powerless to do anything, the corporate management of Aer Lingus will always quote 'competition' and 'viability' in their defence. The business community of the Shannon region will suffer greatly, the increased cost of shipping will mean that either they increase their product costs therefore pricing themselves out of the market or having to re-locate to a more viable price competitive location (Belfast ?) leaving Shannon to become a business wasteland.

    The Irish government retained only 28% of the shares in Aer Lingus, meaning the people of Ireland only have a nominal stake in the national airline and NO say in any of it's activities whatsoever.

    Another thing, look at what the current government are doing to the Hill of Tara - a bloody motorway right through our heritage, shame on them.


    What did our forefathers fight for, how dare Fianna Fail call themselves the soldiers of the people. I am ashamed.

    We are powerless.

    Edit: I agree, and the exchange of manilla envelopes/favours are known to be quite commonplace. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Source(s): Company Director - Location Co. Waterford.
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    for a start, bertie ahern is called a taoiseach here, not a prime minister. and irish FERRIES was the company involved in hiring cheaper labour from foreign countries. it is difficult to take your question seriously when you refer to fairies.

    if aer lingus is losing money on the shannon heathrow route, why not axe it? if you had 2 jobs and it was costing you more money to travel to and from work than what you were getting paid in one particular job, then would you keep doing it? i think not. you would keep the one you were making a profit from.

    the first time i ever booked a holiday abroad, (not today or yesterday) i booked with aer lingus and what happened? they went on strike the day we were to fly out. that company have been constantly striking over the years. personally i would put it down to bad management. they dont have customer confidence anymore.

    as for fianna fail, we live in a democracy and if they are the peoples choice, nothing anyone can do. i do think however, the reason fianna fail get votes is pure fear. if fine gael got back in, people know things would be much worse and have to relive the early 80s all over again.

    i could go on, but i have to get the child from playschool

    Source(s): i am irish and have lived here all my life
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    That was well said. I am in Ireland and the place is full of foreigners especially polish and Nigerian working for hardly nothing. And yet the locals either can't get anything or are paid off. The unemployment rate for locals is rising all the time and like you said Bertie Ahern and his team said it wouldn't happen and it has. Things are way out of control here. Even the building trade is way down since the day they got their holidays which builders christened black Friday cos it was there last day at work with no future after their holidays. The Irish Government would need to rethink their plan cos none of it is working.

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    Belfast continues to be placed on the island of eire, some human beings from Belfast could additionally communicate the Irish language, so it may be stupid for Aer Lingus to alter, after all, they are nonetheless eire's national Airline. Aer Lingus nonetheless additionally has its head workplace in Dublin too.

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    Sorry to hear that has happened. Its totally wrong. What can the Irish people do about it. Some of the West parts of Ireland need as much assistance with communications and travel links as they can get. Its very unfair!

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    I totally agree. This is what happens with privatisation and the governments handling of it. The Tories here privatised our North Sea oil campanies and shares and we should be enjoying the fruits of the returns

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    Did you know the man who founded Aer Lingus - his wife is called Connie.

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    1 decade ago

    Ordinary decent folk shafted again by the powers that be.

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    1 decade ago

    I think they should all move to china.

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