How can I find the cause of my contact dermatitis without going to the dermatologist?

I get itchy, bumpy rashes that come and go every once in a while. It always appears in random places on my body. I changed all of my sheets and put some freshly-washed clothes on. Besides my cat, there isn't anything that could possibly trigger an allergic reaction. (Though I was never allergic to cats!) We don't even have furniture in the living room yet. My mom dusts, cleans, and vaccums the house every morning and night. We are generally cautious about dust mites and pet dander because we have a sick baby. Is there anything I'm missing that could trigger this reaction?

Also, I just recently had a blood transfusion. If what I have is not contact dermatitis then could it be a reaction to the white/red blood cells that were donated to me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most transfusion reactions are immediate.

    There is one delayed reaction, called graft vs. host disease, that includes a rash. But it also includes fever and liver issues, and would likely make you feel sick and run-down. If that's the case, you should call your doctor.

    Otherwise, contact dermatitis is a good guess.

    Have you changed laundry detergents, or fabric softener, or dryer sheets, or soap or shampoo? Even a new deodorant or perfume could be causing a reaction.

    The next time you get the rash, try to stop and backtrack, thinking about everything that came into contact with your skin -- and with your clothes.

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