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Lebanon people , what are your feelings for ......?

The Palestinian people living in the camps in Lebanon.....? Do you have sympathy for them or are you resentful that they are there ...? Why ...?

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    In the 60 years that the Palestinians have been in Lebanon, they have become basically self supporting through hard work. They created little towns you could say with the help of UNWRA(volunteer donor money) from interested countries but as the years go on most of the donations become less and less. Yes, little towns with the smallest of ally ways that sometimes you have to stop and wait until the other walker gets through before you can go. This due to the fact that they have very small mileage to build their camp in. But to go from tents and one blanket to self supporting towns, is a great accomplishment indead. Yes , they are a forgotton people , the right of return is a silly dream put there to ignore the real issues and problems. Family members which are lucky to have one their own travel in hopes of study are disappointed when they come home as they cannot have a job in Lebanon. Lebanon brings many foreign workers from Sri Lanka , Philippines and others, the Palestinians are considered foreingers although they cannot work. Many doctors open up shop in the camps and have many patients including the Lebanese people their price=10,000 Lira, in a time when most Lebanese cannot afford to go to a doctor in Lebanon they are welcome in the camps for medical and dental treatment. UNWRA teaches all subjects except for arabic of course in the english language. Families which have businesses in the camps and have a dream of a future do make sure that their children finish grade 12. When they accomplish this they are literally fluent in the english language. Water runs through the pipes once a day usually about 7am , when the supply runs out? You wait until the next day. Electricity ? They have electricity for about (a good)8 hours a day, although in the winter season sometimes for days on end there is no electricity at all. The ones that are basically poor and hopeless in seeing a better future, come from big families. It is common to see 12 year olds and under working , delivery, labour, for about 5,000 lira a day. Which is quite needed for the family. Social conditions, oh yeah, alot alot of anger, at Israel, at Lebanon, at the world 60 years after all. Some have done very productive things with their anger, they have gone on campaigns to let the world know about their plight, some have turned their anger inward, which has turned into severe depression, some have literally gone crazy, they are kept as in a "Z00" children have no where to play, so they roam the streets with fire crackers, men sit endlessly drinking tea and chatting about politics(which is a whisper in the wind).And when the anger builds up , yes , they fight with each other. Almost 24 hours a day from 12pm to 5 am one has time for an unrestful sleep. With some silence to gather their dreams and begin again the next day. Gardenia , you mentioned the fact that the world should give them better BASIC living conditions, you are correct except I think the world should give them full living conditions as any human needs.

    The anger the anger the anger at Lebanon. It might seem that way as everyday more and more restrictions are put on them. And these restrictions perhaps make the racial distinction between the Lebanese and the Palestianians more prominent in the end turning to racism. The fact that Lebanon cannot handle 500,000 refugees no one disputes that. But Lebanon , Syria , Jordan , (the refugees left Iraq i think.. for Jordan and Syria..) have to realize that the world has left "them" on your shoulders. Case closed. Some in Canada and other countries refuse them as refugees. They feel that they are not coming from a war torn situation in the camps and the human rights record of Lebanon towards them in the terms of torture is not so bad, although if you search in yahoo human rights watch you will see the latest reports since the problem in Nahr El Bared Camp, claims of tortue are on the rise. Some officials do not see the fact of not having citizenship rights, not having the opportunity to work, having to live in squalid conditions and be forever in a camp, not being able to own land or vote, much more , they do not see this as a human rights issue.

    The solution: I asked a few weeks ago, I tried, i got the reply that no lebanon cannot deal with this situation. But its going to take much more than that , its going to take action.I was joking with a friend the other day, I said ok, the Palestinians don't want to be in Lebanon in these conditions, the Lebanese don't want them. They can put them all on ships , send them into the mediterranian , then the world will be forced to see the problem, step in , give them a land they can call their own, citizenship, jobs, and full human rights, as any human deserves. Not to offend anyone but I also added "maybe Lebanon would not want to look bad though".

    A realistic solution, maybe the lebanese can work with the Palestinians in a campaign to let the world know whats going on. One big organization , on a very big scale, to let the world know Lebanon and the Palestinians cannot go on like this forever.

    One might not like where they live, but it is what they call home, it is the only place they know, I lived and worked in Nahr El Bared for 3 years, trying to give hope and a chance to some. It became as my home for that 3 years. In my heart it has become and always will be my home. I imagine as they stand there now and see the distruction... the total distruction..and I see their tears... they SPENT 60 years to build that camp. It was almost fully self supporting. And now they must begin again. In their tears and comments I did not hear self pity, I heard conviction, conviction that again they will rebuild. Life shapes us into who we are. And through their tradgedies they have been shaped into very strong people.

    Talk to your government Lebanese people, rally together plz, in the name of God, in the name of humanity, push your new government coming, that a solution must be reached. Help the Palestinian people to tell the world of their plight. Only when all work together, only then will change come. Peace All.

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    The palestinians living in camps in Lebanon live in the worst most appalling conditions, they are in need of so much from all points of view.

    But the solution doesn't lie from within, Lebanon is a country with less than limited resources, we are problem riddled ourselves and it is understandable that palestinians refugees do not come on the top of our"to do" list.

    As sad as this may seem, Israel is neither going away nor taking them back, it's time to face this fact and the world should take a closer look and start creating ways to assimilate them decently and effectively through creating: education, employment prospects and most urgently better basic living conditions.

    @ Hopeless. thumbs up for an emotional but accurate picture.

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    1..Fear - It has played its role as it has kept me from doing some things I should yet it also kept me from doing things I shouldn´t 2..Anger - has got in my way more than it should ... (shame) 3..Jealousy - doesn´t bother me much at all ... 4..Love - it probably is the one that has impacted me the most either giving or receiving it in many ways 5..Humility - I have learned a bit on having and respecting it but still got lots to learn from it ... 6..Envy - I kind of envied not having certain things when younger, such as a stable family and now I thank God that there is hardly a thing that I would envy anyone for ... 7..Lust - I believe I`ve got mine under control 8..Patience - Not so easy to attain it. God´s been working it on me slowly but surely ... 9..Kindness - it always does the trick, so, in spite of my bad human nature, I try to cultivate it even when I don´t feel up to it ... 10..Long suffering - being a parent (or a spouse) is learning to be long suffering, so it is 28 yrs of living with it ... Dear Kate is so right as all of them impact us in some way and as she said, that is what makes us human. Honestly, if I look deep inside, I can´t say I am much of a role model for anyone on how to handle feelings ...

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    i heard the lebanese (and other middle east/gulf/maghreb) really don't care about the palesinians they call them all sorts of names like americans call mexicans except worse. Like you lazy palestinian get a country!!(soemthing my dad would say to a kurd!) No offense to palestinians/Lebanese but this is what i've heard. I'd feel better if i was proved wrong.

    Anyway there is a lot of discrimination against palestinians although since 1948 jordan is a moslty palestinian country (refugees) thanks to Israel...

    Thats horible whats going on and i wish the situation's for palestinians would get better.

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    Im not lebanon, but your question so interesting to me...:) why did you "EU citizen"(the say thanks to the Israel ?) is it them who put Palestianian people in Jordan? and do the palestian and Isreal share country? in isreal ?does everyone hate someone?

    this not the place I realize that> you could e-mail me ty>>jen

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    i think all countries should take care of them selves

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