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A kitchen cabinet remodeling question?

We are trying to have a good look without the big bucks and wanted recess lights but want to know also if it's possible to put (what type of lighting) right on top of new kitchen cabinets that we are going to install ourselves? Has anyone tryed other type of lighting on top of their cabinets and were you happy with the results?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A lot of it will depend on what type of lighting you want. Are you looking for ambient, mood lighting to guide someone to the sink or fridge at night, or are you looking for functional lighting that will help you see better to cook, etc?

    If you are looking for ambient lighting, there are a variety of LED "puck" lights (small round lights) that ussually plug into an outlet. These will be the easiest to install and they are fantastic because you'll replace the fixture before you replace the bulb. They come in several colors, white and amber lights being the most common but you can get "colors" like red or blue as well. They can be used above or under your cabinets. They don't get warm, so you don't have to worry about leaving them on for long periods of time (or little fingers getting burned if you have kids) The hardest part is "hiding" the wires. One way to do this is to put an outlet inside a cabinet and drill a hole to put the wires into.

    If you are looking for functional lighting, you can use puck lighting but use halogen instead. The bulbs don't last the way LED's do but the light is brighter, the down side is they get just as hot as a standard lightbulb. You can also use flourscent strip lighting, these also do not get as hot. These types of lights typically come in plug in but if you look around you can find hardwired ones.

    I have puck lights under my cabinets near the sink and they work out great! And they aren't that difficult to install.

    Source(s): Managed an electrical department
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  • 1 decade ago

    We used both recessed lighting and under cabinet mounted lighting. The recessed lighting we used required drilling into the drywall and running the wires to the switches, but you have to have power up there to do it. Much easier, is the installation of under cabinet mounted hockey puc type lights which if you have no soffit above the kitchen cabinets will work there as well.

    You simply mount the lights strategically where light is needes and run the wires along the bottom side of the cabinets. You can either plug them right into an outlet or you can hard wire them. They work above cabinets the same way except you will need to drill through the cabinets to feed through the wiring to the outlet or where ever you are hard wiring them to. Since ours are hard wired they operate by the switch which also turns on the light over the sink. But, if you plug them in you will have a wire with a little switch up under the cabinet to turn them on. The nice thing about these hockey puc lights is that you can get them in almost any color so that they either blend in with the cabinets or become an accent themselves.

    Source(s): 30 years experience in interior design
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  • 1 decade ago

    When we remodeled our kitchen, we went with canned lights (you can buy a type that goes in existing ceilings) and indirect lights above the cabinets. We all ready had under cabinet lights.

    We also added a pendent type light over the island.

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  • 7 years ago

    how did you remove the old cabinets

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