Should all Christians pray for democracy in Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. since this is the spread ?

of a Satanic world government (American liberal democracy) as opposed to Israeli theocracy which is surely the environment for the anti-Christ?

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    As the Bible only uses the term "anti-Christ" four different times and each refers to those against Christ, not a person, I think you've been duped by the Jesuit misinterpretation of Revelations, Daniel and Ezekiel...

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    We are spreading Democracy in China and India, through our trade and out-sourcing. Check out the growth of Democracy in those places. Russia? We did that in the '90's. They are in the arms business now and selling to Iran. Saudi Arabia? We have a great deal of incentive to do business with them. And at least they make a show of going after the terrorist groups. But if you don't like Saudi, boycott oil and oil products. You know the reasons given for Iraq. They apply to Iraq.

  • Daniel
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    As a Christian and a thinking person, I dont live in a box. You can have a theocracy, democracy or dictatorship, all could be good. When we pray, we must be honest in what we want. Pray for safety when traveling to work. Pray for your dad or brother in Iraq. God isnt political.

    You can pray that your leaders make the right decisions. Our church did that when we declared war on Iraq.

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    Praying for democracy is a waste of time. You need to act by helping to found schools, keep the peace, and educate people.

    Democracy cannot happen until a people are literate, have good communication, and a secure environment. Those are the things you should be working and praying for.

    The one major accomplishment of the Soviet Union was they prepared Russia for democracy. They educated their people. They set up a good communications system. They made a secure environment. They put themselves out of business.

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    You're a fanatic, what you trying to say? that evolutionists are satanic? Go away!

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