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In England, why do they drive on the wrong side of the road?

Also, why are the European Countries so stubborn about switching from the Metric System to the more sophisticated Imperial System? Since America uses the Imperial system, shouldn't everyone else?

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    In the Caribbean we also drive on the left side of the road. As a matter of fact, many former British colonies adhere to British ways. It is said that the process of the British driving on the left side of the road stems from medieval times where a swordsman walked on the left side of the street because that way he could protect himself better. (i.e. most people are right-handed).

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    First of all, England has it's own set of rules, so if they want to drive on the other side of the road, than it's their jurisdiction. Also, they also have their steering wheel on the other side of their car. Third, as for the metric system being different, it's not all that different, they use the same ratio to measure their equivocal items. The thing so different with their system, is that they use fewer measuring systems, and it's equated as a different, wholly, altogether name, their's is the English Metric System, (not Imperial System- this is Darth Vader's legacy, mind you), and ours is just simply the Metric System.

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    It's not the wrong side they drive on, it's the left side. To them it's the right (correct) side. Metric seems to be more universal. They use it in Canada and Australia. Metric is also used scientifically. Both systems are useful.

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    They are insanely jealous of us more sophisticated Americans, so they keep all of these outdated and backward concepts, just to feel good about themselves.

    That's why America ranks so low in education, health care, mortality rates and economic status. We think we are better then everyone else while we slowly destroy our own country.

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    It's a hold over from jousting. You know, where two guys ride at each other on horses and knock each other off with sticks?

    Most people are right handed, so it made sense to have your right hand closer to your opponent - there by passing each other on the left.

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    Well all countries aren't America. Can't we all be different? Let me ask you...why do you guys drive on the wrong side of the road? You don't...because we're different.

    Source(s): from south africa to australia driving on the same side of the road.
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    Yes .our totally right.

    They have it basackwards because they all have there tongues tangled around there eye tooth and cant seem to see what it is there saying is what my grand pappy told me.and they talk that funny kind of English not like we Southerners do.I say if we ever visit over there we drive on the Right side of the road,.to show them.

    If they would all come visit the South for a while they Might learn something,of course i said visit. Not stay.we did have a darn war with those English people you know.

    I hope this explains it all ok for you.

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    we can't all be the same and have the same cultures

    if we did..... well.... how boring would that be!

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