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What are the MAJOR risks of mixing Benzodiazepines with Cocaine?

What are the MAJOR risks of mixing Benzodiazepines with Cocaine?

For a drug report in my Health class. I read on the net users of Cocaine take Benzodiazepines to suppress or lower the coming down of Cocaine, however, is it risky/fatal?

Looking for exact risks and such.

Thanks a whole bunch.

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    The "major" effect?

    Death. Plain and simple.

    Cocaine can cause a condition known as malignant hyperthermia. This is an excessive rise in body temperature. Add benzodiazepine to the mix (which can slow down the "coming down"), the body temperature remains high, which can cause irreversible damage and in some cases, lead to death.


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    Mixing Benzodiazepines

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    It could be very fatal!! Benzos is a downer. Cocaine is a upper. This is called speed balling. The risk are taking them both at the same time you heart gets mixed messages. so it begins to pump faster. Which could lead to a massive heart attack. Also using Cocaine alone could cause this too. But your chances are a lot higher adding it with benzos. The safe thing is not to use either.

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    You should not mix those two drugs it has been known to cause death.

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    Brain damage, liver failure, death.

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