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Can I get an infection in my jaw after receiving novacaine in my jaw during a dental procedure?

I had a crown placed on a tooth and I had to be given three needles of novacaine in order to numb my tooth. Ever since then I have been experiencing pain my jaw, and lately it has become excrutiating at times. Thinking it is TMJ disorder, but it might have something to do with the needle insertion......??

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    there is a possibility of infection at the needle site. it may have gotten bacteria under the skin. they may have just put the needle in a bit too far and irritated the muscles. It if has been more that 2 days, I would call the dentist to let them know you are still experiencing pain.

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    I am not an expert, but I'd say yes..

    Anytime your skin is invaded by a needle, including your gum there is always a chance of infection.

    Dental work is no exception.

    I have to pre medicate before I have dental work done, take an anti biotic before they will touch me.

    Most do the best they can to prevent infections, but it can happen.

    Talk to your dentist right away if you see swelling, oozing, (like a drainage), running a fever of more then 100- 101 degrees.

    Use a cold compress on your cheek, or a little Oral gel, this will numb the pain.

    Rinse with a little Listerine this will clean the gum, (check with your dentist before using Anything)..

    Don't over brush, let the aria rest/ heal over night.

    But again, if the aria dose not heal in a day or so, or if it gets worse, contact your dentist..

    Hope you get well soon.

    God bless you.

    Source(s): My own dentist, and oral surgions I have gone to. I've had a lot of dentel work done.
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    Needle insertion does hurt for a few days, but not excruciatingly. It is not likely to get an infection from the anaesthetic injections, but it is possible to get an infection from a dental procedure. Consider how long ago was your dental work done, and if the pain returns with the same intensity. Are there any swollen areas? Pain due to infection often responds well to ice packs, but it is only a temporary solution. You might want to see your doctor about your symptoms.

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    The effects of novacaine, which is to numb and hide pain, will wear off and you will feel the sting of the needle injection sites. There is a possibility of infection if you touch or prode the site with bacteria-infected things (fingers), but infection is only with fever and swelling. try placing a wet tea bag at the painful site to soothe the pain, or a light salt mouthwash

    Source(s): Bachelor of Science and nursing, 4 yrs
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