what could be wrong? 95 grand am?

ok heres the thing my 95 pontiac grand am is having problems where it cuts off. it use to do it like once a month but now its more frequent.ok i can always tell when its going to cut off cause when i start it all the lights come on but when i turn the key its like a delayed starting. but when it cuts off its like im driving then when i put my foot on the brakes to stop its like the back end of my car jerks (2 door) really hard then its cuts complety off. i start it back up put my foot on the brake to switch from park to drive then it cuts back out.and then when i finally get it started and i drive itll cut back off when i hit the brake. it doesnt do it everyday though. i notice that like if i drive it for lets say 15-20 mins then cut it off to like go in the store when i come back out its the delayed starting and ill get like a mile down the road and itll start cutting off when i hit the brakes. whats wrong? what should i have checked out?

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    my sisters car had the exact same problem. it was a 1992 Grand Am. It turns out that it was the computer chip. They wanted like $600 or more to fix it, so we just sold it. It wasn't worth fixing.

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    That car has a problem where when it locks the torque converter after you get up around 35mph (it fells like the 4th gear but you only have 3). It will not Unlock when you go to stop the car. The car will die at the stop light.After it dies it will start up again and drive ok.

    Does this sound like your problem? If this is the case all you have to do is unblock the lockup wires.

    It's located on the front of the transmission. Halfway down in the middle about foot as i remember behind the engine you will see 1 set of 2 wires blocked in. Unplug them. It has a weird little clip on the bottom you have to pry up to get it to unplug. Someone with strong fingers can do it by hand.

    It will not hurt you car running without the lockup but your gas mileage will go down

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    I can relate. I had that problem a few times. It could be a few things...probably the fuel pump, which will eventually just quit and you'll be standed. Or like in my old car it could be that the gaps in the spark plugs are changing......which was caused by something. Most likely the fuel pump....get it checked out. Cause it will just get worse. Go to a smaller town machanic though, they're less likely to screw you. In my 88 it was about 200 for a fuel pump. But, just have them check it out. And act like you know some stuff about cars.

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    It could be the computer or throttle positing switch, or a sensor. Best thing to do it carry it somewhere and let them hook it up on a machine and find out exactly what the problem is. Guessing work could really cost you when something like this come up. I had a problem like that one time and it ended up being the cadilatic coverter. Best to test it first.

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    sounds to me you have a really bad electrical problem dealing with your brakes. A hot wire may be grounding out on something vital like a ignition wire on the steering column or something to that effect.

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    sounds like your neutral safety switch going out to me.

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