Changing from Electronics Engineering to Environmental Engineering?

Hello, I was trained as an electronics engineer in electrical engineering and would like to move to

environmental science/engineering where I think I have more of a passion. I graduated with

a BS and MS in electronics engineering but have no passion for it or the semiconductor industry.

I can do a MS and get training in environmental engineering, where I think I would do better.

What do people think ? The course work as prerequisites are all similar for training in MS for environmental. Or should I just get out of engineering altogether ?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Whatever you'll choose, you are right since you follow your own passion.

    Changing Discipline is not that difficult, one thing to be consider is: "Do it smoothly as its nature".

    You can get Env.Eng. education while you are working on your based Elc.Eng background, until you've a "momentum" to switch into Env.Eng.

    You'll never loose one of them, you can combine them instead. Hope you success and "luck"

  • 4 years ago

    hi. i'm replaced right into a layout engineer for a hydraulic cylinder employer for a pair of 365 days. i replaced into provided a promoting to a "value" engineer. i myself enjoyed the 365 days I spent as a layout engineer. It wasn't all math each and every of the time, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it replaced into many distinctive purposes and that i in no way knew what the subsequent challenge replaced into going to hold. It replaced right into a sturdy mix of math, physics, and ergonomics. i myself enjoyed it, or maybe nevertheless i'm making extra money now, my interest is extra demanding and not 0.5 as helpful. there replaced into not extra suitable feeling interior the international than to work out a challenge flow from an concept, to CAD, to prototype, to testing and then, to the customer. i'm nevertheless particularly youthful as an engineer, yet my expectancies have alreaedy been exceeded. I stay in rural North Carolina that's a surprisingly low rated pay scale while in comparison with the the remainder of the rustic. My employer starts off all engineers out at $40 8,000 in keeping with 365 days with a assured pay advance of three% in keeping with yer plus 365 days end bonus. it somewhat is surprisingly good for this section. With the low value of residing, it somewhat is on the fringe of $fifty 5,000/365 days equivalent.

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