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Do you believe in Peak Oil?

& do you believe 911 is an inside job because of Peak Oil?

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  • Mark T
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    In looking at some of the responses it's stupifyingly amazing to me people are willing to spin wild conspiracy stories about 9/11 but don't know what peak oil is.

    Look at it this way, there are hard-core neocons who operate within the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage foundation who take the view that this is the American Empire and do so with a straight face.

    However, in light of the fact that the buzzer went off apparently sometime in 2005-6 and Peak oil isn't going to happen, it happened. so we are officially in decline (Saudi output down 9% just last year).

    I don't think it's a conspiracy so much as a logical outcome/consequence of the reaction on the part of the PEOPLE of the middle east to those at the AEI or where-ever who spin wonderful tales about the benevolent hegemony of America. The problem comes when those peoples react violently when these AEI inspired foreign policies are actually implemented.

    It's not that they hate us they HATE our foreign policy, they aren't particularly fond of our politicians and personally speaking, I think if we don't start solving some of these important national security issues, that there could be ugly consequences for the elements of American power structure.

    I suspect there will be problems when gas prices "naturally" float over 5$/gallon sometime in 2009 or 2010, when it becomes plain to the average SUV driving Americans that they were fu*cked the minute they signed their purchase / lease agreement you won't just have Democrats in power, you may very well have a problem with power itself.

    So no , I don't believe in any conspiracies that aren't plainly obvious for all to see. We have oilmen running the show who don't "do reality", when it comes to Peak Oil, Global Warming or Corporate responsibility.

    Plus, you have the - to put it very charitably - "smoke while you've got them" attitude amonst those in the Washington elites. It's pretty clear they are just enjoying the ride into the ground, and we elected them.

    So in the final analysis , it's every bit as bad as what Stalin or Hitler or any other previous adversary might have tried to do to us, but we did it ourselves, we elected clowns, and got a play for time, hardliners circus, instead of well considered foreign,domestic, industrial, environmental or energy policy.

    The means of our success will be none to pleasant but I suspect they are achievable. There are over 50% gains to be had in simple efficiency in our resource utilization, focusing on efficiency , on fuel cells and on smaller scale distributed production systems solves part of our problem, educating our people solves another part, and the rest is unfortunately deservedly painful for being so very very shortsighted for so very long.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The premise of Peak Oil is a virtually certainty in the sense that it WILL happen SOMEDAY. Problem is, pundits have been claiming this several times over the past 30 years. They have been wrong before, so they could be wrong again this time. There are large expanses of Asia, Africa and South America that havent' been thoroughly prospected for large oil deposits (The ones in Asia are most promising for holding massive reserves that could rival the Middle East today, based on the geology and size of untested areas.)

    I don't think 9-11 was an inside job based on Peak Oil. but the fact remains that Bush botched his response terribly and Cheney used it as a pretext for invading Iraq, which he had wanted to do ever since he became CEO of Halliburton (Prior to being hired by Halliburton, Cheney admitted that invading Iraq would be a stupid idea. Once he was given a position from which he could trade American blood for his own personal monetary gain, he flip-flopped).

    Source: 30 years in the oil business.

    P.S. For all you dolts asking "where's the free oil", consider this: Do you really think that Cheney and his PNAC mafia buddies intended to steal all that Iraqi oil just so they could give it away? If yes, what are you smoking?

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  • 1 decade ago

    The "inside jobbers" have never posted any proof of their claims. And the spooky, 60 minutes style investigative "reporting" thats been done on this theory is obviously bogus and meant to mislead. It's so OBVIOUSLY propaganda, it's not even subtle.

    Like Adolf Hitler said, it's easier to fool people with a big lie than with a small one. The lie of 9-11 being an inside job by the most incompetent administration to date, executed flawlessly, and covered up almost completely perfectly, is so ludicrous that people believe it's stranger than fiction, therefore it must be true.

    It's not, it is just a whopping big lie.

    Where's all the free oil? Where did it go? where are the sources of the information, and where is the information about all the oil we got from 9-11? Why are prices going up? Why is Iraq not selling us discounted oil? Why does NONE of the 9-11 inside job story make any sense?

    Source(s): Sorry for the Hitler reference, but I'm afraid he was right about one thing; he was a master at manipulating people, and what he said about the Big Lie is absolutely true. And if you have posted a thumbs down to these facts, please, enlighten us all with your wisdom. Since I'm so wrong, post proof that you're right. Where's the proof? And I've already seen the bogus "Freedom to Fascism" and other conspiracy "proof" videos. It's all nonsense, scare tactics, logical fallacies, misinformation, video editing, and other tricks. The purpose for this deception? Money money money. The whole motivation for the supposed conspiracy that they accuse others of. They make money while conspiring to accuse people of conspiring to make money. EDIT: For "all you dolts" who believe in the conspiracy to get free oil, WHERES THE FING FREE OIL??? YOU POST PROOF! I can't post proof of something that never happened, so the responsibility is YOURS to PROVE YOUR CASE, not mine. Call me a dolt all you want. I'll eat those insults when you back them up with P-R-O-O-F. Can you read? Proof. You post it. Or shut the F up.
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  • ridder
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    3 years ago

    some human beings don't think in top oil by way of fact they do no longer choose to confess that we are utilising the oil up at a blistering %.. we could consistently pass to wind and image voltaic in any respect costs no rely how high priced they are in the beginning up just to shove the oil agencies impact out of usa. you won't be able to have oil anymore it is basically too high priced and that's a gadget that won't be able to sutain itself. Hydrogen may well be a impressive option to petroleum regardless of what human beings say approximately it. basically approximately no pollutants and fairly plentiful.

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  • 1 decade ago

    what the hell is peak oil?

    911 was a job by Muslim extremists who hate everything about Western Civilization. But they underestimated GWB's response. OB wanted to have an epic battle with the US in Afghanistan but we flushed him our fairly quickly, so now the coward is hiding in a cave in Pakistan, I hope he has severe arthritis from his cave dwelling.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Then where is the oil then? I don't see it!!

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