I'm doing a report on the book Timeline by Michael Crichton and i need help?

i read the book adn still cant find the info i need, i need to find five mistaken notions about the past that mr. crichton has idenitfied. i ned tho know each historical myth and how did mr. crichton rewrite it in order to correct our perception of history. Please help me

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    Tucked away in the arid New Mexico desert, Robert Doniger and his team of scientists develop a time machine based on the development of quantum technology. While Doniger envisions a lucrative monopoly on the tourism and travel industries, beloved Yale history professor Edward Johnston sees it as a chance to finally experience the subject of his scholarly profession. After getting his hands on a prototype of Doniger's time machine, Johnston is hurled back in time to Medieval France. Problems arise, however, when the aged professor gets stuck in this colorful alternate universe filled with fantastic castles, knights in shining armor, and beautiful damsels in distress. Anxious to redeem his ticket to fame and fortune, Doniger sends out a daring rescue team made up of two ex-military types and three of Johnston's university colleagues dressed in the latest Medieval styles complete with electronic sound pieces used for language translation. Soon after their arrival to the year 1357, the brawny military guides are slaughtered by horse soldiers hired by an evil English nobleman who has mistaken Johnston for a sorcerer and kidnapped him. Now it's up to the academics to save the professor and find a way back to the twentieth century.

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    regrettably, I even have not study maximum of those books the two, yet i ought to grant a splash advice. in case you do no longer study lots, then i might recommend looking up the books and aside from those that have been written better than, say, a hundred years in the past. I study lots, yet won't be able to stand books which comprise those, as they are confusing to appreciate and require time and attempt just to appreciate what they are approximately. I additionally observed that a number of those books listed are sequels to different books. i might recommend staying removed from those, except you intend to study the prequel first. additionally, your individual tastes might help. I study a brilliant form of fantasy books, so i might decide for The Hobbit. yet a very solid e book listed this is Brian's return. by way of now, you have better than possibly study the e book Hatchet in college. you have even long previous directly to study The River and Brian's iciness. Brian's return is basically yet another e book in this sequence. So, interior the top, the 1st factor you go with to do is rule out what you do no longer choose to study. Then is once you are able to truly start to think of roughly what you DO choose to study. i'm hoping I helped!

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    Timeline by Michael Crichton

    Study Guides

    This link will give you a summary of the book, character analysis, plot and much more, so that you will be able to answer literary questions.


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