How do you send a pic. through email??????

ok im trying to send one of my friends a pic through email and i was wonderin how im suppose to do it

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    1 decade ago
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    Put into folders, zip the folders, and send as a file attatchment, or burn to CDs and mail it, or

    host it on one of the MANY free hosting sites, and email them a link to it.

    How To Use Compressed (Zipped) Folders in Windows XP = Files and folders in compressed folders can be protected by using a password. How to password protect the contents of a compressed folder: click here =

    Or if you don't have XP =

    + WinRAR or IzArc =

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    1 decade ago

    Please follow this stpes in sending a picture through email:

    1.Click Compose.Then input your friends email address on the To:___________, and on the Subject:_______put a subject on it..(any)

    2. Click Attach files.

    3. After Clicking Attach files, Clik Browse.Locate the path where your picture is stored.

    4. After locating the said picture, click Attach files.Wait until the picture is attach on your mail.

    5. You should see Attachments below the subject after you follow this steps.

    6. Click Send.

    And you're done.

    (Note: I am using yahoo mail at this time.)

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    that is hardship-loose...i'm getting it too often times. it quite is extremely like the HTML element. It means that the image is somewhat too large, or that the e-mail you're employing should not be waiting to verify it. i do now no longer think of of you need to open them. yet, howdy, that's the internet, proper? there may well be a fashion.

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    attach<< use this button

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