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invitation question?

For children that are over 18 but still live at home, do you absolutely need to send a separate invitation to them, or can you include them on their parents invite? Thanks!


I ask this because it is a waste of paper (trees!) to send more than one invite to the same house! Also, where do you send the invite if the person is off at college? To their parents or to their school address? Thanks!

Update 2:

I'm planning on inviting the little kids too (under 18).

Update 3:

I am not being cheap and lazy I don't think a tree should be wasted for a household to get 5 invites when only 1 is needed

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    I don't know what official invitation protocol is here, but: I personally would send just one invitation addressed to:

    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

    Ms. Courtney Smith

    Ms. Tiffany Smith

    I can't imagine how anyone would find that offensive. If they all live at the same address, why waste resources? No point in sending two or more invites to the same address. The key is putting everyone's name on the invitation, so there's no confusion as to who is invited.

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    Hmmm. What relation are they to you? If the older kids are like cousins or not really close, then put them all on one invite. If they are close relative or to you, then maybe a seperate one? If they still live at home and are supported by parents then on one invite. But if they are 20 or older is is nicer to send seperate ones to the same house. Hope this helps!

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    Send an invitation to each person invited, with the exception of joint invitations to married (or darn near married) couples. This includes any minor children you invite. When multiple invitations are going to a single household, you may send them together in a single large white envelope addressed to the family name. Make up for the environmental degradation (and cut your postage costs) by omitting the rsvp cards. You'll end up doing your rsvps by phone anyhow.

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    You should send a separate one. If they are at college and you dont know their address, call their parents and find out. The college kids I invited were thrilled to get invitations, they are adults and appreciate being treated as such.

    After the wedding, you & your hubby could plant a tree.

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    Okay so every one has answered the first part of your question but not the second. I think that if they are living at home being supported by mom and dad by all means add them to mom and dads invite. For my cousins that where off at college i sent them a separate invitation at college. Just a good way to let them know they are being thought of. I'm not much for the whole etiquette thing. who really cares, it should be what ever is best for you.

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    If you're inviting everyone in the household. Then on the outer envelope you can put "The Smith Family" and then on the inner envelope "John, Sue, Greg, and Betty". But if you're just doing the parents and the at home child over 18 but not the little kids, then yes, they need their own invitation.

    I'd send it to the parent's house. That way they are sure to get it.

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    It depends. Either send them their own or send their parents one with their names followed by and children.

    Mr & Mrs Roger Cooley & Children

    I know what it's like to need to conserve as many invites as possible. My mom goofed our order and didn't get enough. If you write 'and family' in etiquette rules you are including any member of the family they want to bring. Cousins, nephews, etc

    If the 18 year old is a scrapebooker or you think they would like an invitation of their own to save then send them their own.

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    Include them in the parents invitation.

    "Mr. and Mrs Smith and Family" would include the over 18 year old. Or better yet "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Jack Smith".

  • Anonymous
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    If a child leaves at home only 1 invite is needed. If they live on their own then they will need an invite for themselves.

  • Nora
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    All adults over 18 receive their own invitation. don't beg the question with a fake issue about saving trees . you are being cheap and lazy

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