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i saw a movie preview before transformers and wondered what it was.?

It started at a party and then they heard a loud animal noise and then the statue of liberty's head flies into the street.

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    Yes i know exactly what you are talking about. The movie that you are thinking of is currently untitled. J.J Abrams is the one in charge of the movie, one of the producers of the television show 'Lost'. As to what it is that destroyed the statue of liberty is unknown with the exception of those who worked on the actual movie. Abrams is keeping everything secretive at the moment and has no intentions of revealing anything until the movies release. The movie is also filmed in the same style as the Blair Witch Project. In order to learn more your most likely going to have to wait until January 18th 2008 when its released.

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    It's currently being called "Cloverfield". It's being produced by JJ Abrams. It's being produced by the Paramount/Dreamworks team. It's slated for a January 2008 release but I have a feeling it's going to change. There's a million questions already about this movie on Anwsers. Try doing a search for it. I know I've answered at least four of them. Also, try picking up a Hollywood Reporter and/or Variety. They have had several articles about since it's debut.

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    This was not Dragon Wars. This was the JJ Abrams movie that has no name at this time. It's being referred to as "1-18-08" since that's the day it's coming out. There's not a lot of info out there about it but the website is

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    It is untitled as of right is just known as 1-18-08 there are many theories around it...mine is that it is a new godzilla movie, just listen to the noise whatever it is makes, sounds very close to the godzilla noise to me...but who knows?

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    The movie is currently unnamed. It is coming out in Jan-08. I believe it has something to do with Robots, but the details of the movie are sketchy at best.

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    Yeah I saw that too and I had no idea what was going on either maybe it's Godzilla Reborn, Jurassic Park IV, or King Kong II. I'd sure like to see

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    I think thats the new dragon movie coming out.

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    Dragon Wars.

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    A lot of people have asked that on here. Dorry, I can't quite remember.

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    i saw it too. u also can watch that trailers in think that is the movie about alien attack the earth.

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