is the acura integra gsr alot slower than the type r. like is there a big difference. in a drag race?

would a type r destroy a gsr. if so where could i find a stock type r in south florida ?

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    a type r would destroy a gsr integra.

    Just look at 1320 et's

    Integra gsr 15.5


    so almost a second quicker. that might not be destroyed but it is quite faster. The type r has 25 more high reving horsepower and a couple foot pounds more of torque. It has a limited slip differential which helps to ensure both tires apply the same amount of power to the ground. Helps alot during launches. The type r also has smaller gear ratios to help it accelerate faster. It is also around a 100 pounds lighter then the gsr too. non drag related has better, stiffer suspension componets. Better rims and tires, bigger brakes. Theres more, the type r is one of the best front wheel drive cars there are. Unfortunately it is hard to find good working ones that have not been molested and that are stock. The exterior should be left alone on a type r. Rims spoiler, the only thing that would do is a jdm front. Check, mostly ebay, and other online car sites. Be willing to look for a while and be willing to go farther then south florida for pickup.

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    god this azn guy dosent know any thing.

    Yes type R will rock a GSR. Well lets first look into the motor. The Type R head is alot better flowing kinda like a lightly ported B16A2/3 head, cams are design to make more power then a GSR on top end and intake manifiold hands down are the best out of all B-serious intake manis. The bottome end boost high comperison pestion which takes advantage of the head and cam. The transmission is LSD limited slip diff gears are short and right to the point and are for better acceraltion. Suspension is stiffer and better for road racing, brakes are huge caliapers and 5-lug, car is lighter then a GSR no sunroof, seats are ment for racing and hug you will you going into turns. Over all the Type R is a monster on its own and could be bought over or 12-16k depending on coniditon. But there is a down fall a type R is a NA car, a type R is a highly stolen car so you gotta watch over your back.

    GSR is something like a really water down type R buts its not bad. A turbo kit which still dosent close the gap of the cost of the Type R will make more power then a type R and rape it

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    Well... it wouldn't DESTROY a GSR in a drag race, but it SHOULD win, depending on the driver. I have an 05 RSX-S and I have beaten a couple of GSR's but I lost by a about half a car length to a type R.. but I also didn't warm up my tires. The type R has a limited slip differential, so it performs better on a circuit. Search auto-trader... look at only the expensive models integras 98-01, because most people still sell them for 16k +. But since you're interested in drag racing, you should probably just get a base model or special edition for cheap, and then drop a b18c5 in for an extra 4 to 4 1/2 g's.

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    Type R's are faster right out of the box, but don't spend the extra 10 or 15k on a type R just buy a GSR and take it to an import shop and give them the extra 10k and I guarantee that you will have a car that is faster than a type R.

    If you really want a Type R check ebay most of them seem to be concentrated around Cali though. But since the import scene in Florida is pretty good you might find one there but it may or may not be stock.

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    Contrary to what Raider said, they all have the same headlights. They are, however, all just trim levels. The RS I believe is the lowest trim, with the least options (cloth seats, etc.) and a 140hp 1.8L non-VTEC. The LS was the next step up, which was basically an RS with the available options. The GS-R was the higher trim model, having a 180hp (I think, I could be wrong, it could be like 175hp) 1.8L VTEC engine. This car is quicker than the LS/RS, and has the highest trim options yet, and is only available in a manual transmission in the US. The Type R is the more race/speed oriented model, having a 197hp 1.8L VTEC engine, less options, cloth sport seats that are more supportive than any of the lower trim levels, and a stiffer suspension. It also has a lip spoiler and a rear wing along with 5 lug wheels, larger brakes, and I think a few other little things to reduce weight and increase performance. It also is only available in manual.

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    I answered your other question too. But the GSR has 170hp from the factory. The TypeR is pushing 198hp. Which is a lot for a small 4cylinder. Will it destroy but It will win depending on drivers experience. I've seen LS tegs beat GSR's because the driver has no experience. It will also depend on if the GSR is stock or not. If he's running a good set of camshafts or higher compression pistons it might be really close. TypeR's are expensive, and at the price you could really just get a DC5 TypeS (RSX) thats running 200hp from the factory and put a couple of boltons.

    Source(s): Research. And from the sound of it you plan on racing against someone with a GSR...keep it on the track, if I hear about another TypeR getting junked because of street racing I'm going to flip, never take chances with a rare car like that
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    Well it wouldnt "kill" a type-r but will win in a drag race. Not only does the Type-R is specially tuned for racing, has more horsepower, but is lighter and has better gear ratios for more preformance. A Type-R is pretty hard to find, but if you look hard enough you may find one. Try importing one from Japan and make it legal, or ship one from any of the states.

    Also, an Acura is a Honda. :]

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    your not gonna find a stock type-r or even a type-r period up for sale unless you really look hard or import one one from Japan. any way it wouldnt destory it they both top at a about 150 the type-r just has more hp at top end. but you could beat it with a modified gsr

    search around on and you can find out specs and stuff for it

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