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Josh asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Have you had any luck with alternative methods of treating seizures in dogs?

My dog (10 yrs old) has been acting kind of funny here and there over the last few days. This evening I saw him go into what I am positive is a seizure.

I know people put their dogs on phenobarbital for seizures, but I've also read that it can damage their liver with long term usage.

Bottom line: I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow morning. I will do *anything* to keep him healthy and happy. I would feel much better if there's some sort of treatment out there that will not damage his liver. I don't want anything to shorten his life span.

If you have any experience with a more natural treatment that was effective with your dog, please let me know.

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    I think you're jumping the gun a bit here. You don't know the cause of your dog's seizures yet so you don't know if phenobarbitol will be prescribed. But if it is, the vet will be monitoring him regularly. There are other drugs out there, as well that can be used. You need to trust your vet. Ask him about the long-term affects of the various meds so you can make a more informed decision for your dog. Hope he'll be ok!

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    We have a dog that has seizures. I know how scared you are and worried. Anyway, O'Ney was on Potassium Bromide for a couple of years, to minimize her episodes. It worked great but recently we have discovered that her heartworm medicine, "Heart Guard" was the cause of her seizures. Anyway, she is on another heart worm medicine, we have stopped the Potasium Bromide and she is seizure free. Anyway, giving the dog medicine may help; I am not a vet, but the main thing to consider is the comfort and well being of your animal. Do your research and take your vet's advice! Oh and look into the Heart Guard thing; make sure you tell your vet he if he uses that!!! It could be something that simple.

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    Sometimes people think a dog has seizures when the seizure like episode could be just low blood sugar.If a dog isn't eating good sometimes its sugar level will go down and it will go into a seizure like attack.Next time your pet acts as if it is going into a seizure try giving it a dab of plain honey on its tongue and this will bring it out of the attack.

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    To Majestik moose. Your answer was very insensitive. Hopefully by answering you are trying to help people. A person is in pain and what do you do. You type a flippant, hurtful comment without any consideration of the person/ family involved. If you are at least going to suggest euthanasia you could do it with some poise and respect for those that are in pain. I hope it made you feel good to hurt someones feelings. Maybe someone should just give up on you. Would it help? Would it hurt? Who cares it's just another Human Being. Hope you rot! Geoffrey

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    Epilepsy is a disease of youth. When older dogs begin having seizures it is usually due to a brain tumor. Does you dog have a cancer anywhere that could have spread? Does he have any masses that you feel anywhere? Shortness of breath? ect?

    Sometimes kidney failure or liver failure will also cause seizures as the body becomes overrun with toxins.

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    someone told me if u feed them cauliflower everyday they will never have another seizure.

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