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Atheists: What exactly are you trying to "save" us Christians from?

I'm asking because I notice that some Atheists always say that they are trying to save Christians. But from what exactly are you trying to "save" us from? And before you attack me I'm not a Fundamentalist / Evangelical Protestant Christian.

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    Old habits die hard sometimes...many are probably former believers who were raised in a Christian church, where people are encouraged to push others to "get saved"... may be hard to get that mentality out, now it's just reversed.

    Personally I don't care to "save" anyone, though I was raised a non believer, no Church influence. I just enjoy having the opportunity here to be open about my view, enjoy actual freedom of speech without risking death threats, and defend it when need be...and naturally, jerky people are asking to be told that their view is a delusion.

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    False hopes based on.... who knows?

    If it doesn't bother you, I guess that's your right, as long as you don't try to take away mine. The problem is, though, that that's exactly what many Christians would like to do - redfine history, redefine this country, the U.S.A., redefine science and generally impose their version of morality on everyone. Whether you support all of these things or not, to me, all Christians are complicit in them merely by adhering to the faith that empowers these ambitions.

    If you wish to be even the slightest part of all of that and base your life and hopes on "things unseen" (in other words, unprovable and not necessarily sensible), go ahead. For me, it's a matter of personal pride to think I have my head screwed on straight.

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    Not so much trying to 'save' you.

    It is more about reducing the suffering of humanity & religion is the cause of much of that suffering - wars, overpopulation (due to promotion of the belief that contraception is bad), presecution of homosexuals.

    Whilst many Christians do not hold these values in supporting Christianity in general they add more weight to these arguments by trying to state that religion is a special thing that deserves special rights.

    I really do not care what you as an individual believe, I would also 'fight' (in a peaceful way) for people to have the right to believe whatever they like - the problem comes when religions start to impact other people & their rights. At that point something needs to be said.

    Yes - sometimes I do lose perspective & forget why I feel the need to discuss religion with Christians (and others) - sometimes I probably do just do it for the sake of it which is not something I am proud of. Thanks for reminding me - good question.

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    I don't think that I've ever seen an atheist say anything like that. Anyway... I think that christians, for the most part, are hopelessly delusional... there is nothing that I can do for them. The only thing that can 'save' them from a life of delusion is to learn 'critical thinking' skills, and apply those skills to their 'beliefs'.

    But... I regard it as my ethical responsibility and moral duty, as a sane and rational human being, to intervene where I can to show how and why such beliefs are delusional and thoroughly ridiculous, in an effort to protect vulnerable minds FROM the harmful christian 'meme'.

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    Sorry, but I have NEVER seen an Atheist post anything about saving Christians on here. Ever.

    We do not have any special thoughts towards them or any other religious group. They are all equally unnecessary, dangerous and ridiculous.

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    I am an atheist, and I am not trying to save you from anything. You can believe as you like. You cannot behave as you like, for there are laws that proscribe our behavior.

    All I am doing is answering questions on this Q&A forum.

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    We're trying to save you from delusion.

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    I want to save the human species from going back to the Dark Ages.

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    wasting your time. It is very arrogant to think we are the be all and end all of the universe. we are not superior to anything else on this planet. there is nobody hanging out in the sky punishing and rewarding us. if there was somebody up there im sure he has better things to do with his time.

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    I'm not trying to "save" anyone, I just want people to start using their brains, and thinking about things from a logical and reasonable perspective. (Or at the very least, get people to be tolerant).

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