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Well i want to be A Real Estate Agent And Move To Los Angeles Or Live In Beverly Hills Or Santa Cruz Mabey ..?

Ok Well I Am Wondering I Want To Be Very Successfull In My Life And Is Being A Real Estate Agent Or Broker A Good Paying Job And Good Job For A Successfull Life? Will I Be Able To Get My Agree And Move To Los Angeles Say With A Husband Whos A Doctor ? Or Mabey Even Live On My Own Its My Dream To Move There So Yeah Im Going To Try And Acheav My Goal Californias The Place I Want To Live In Have Children There And Live My Life There So Yeah Answere Back Give Me Some Good Ideas And Thoughts Dont Forget To Answere About the Job Part :P Thanks !

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    It is so refreshing to see a question from a young girl who is not wanting to come to Los Angeles to become an "ACTRESS".

    Yes, you can make a very good living as a real estate agent, especially if you concentrate on selling "high end" properties.You might want to specialize in "Residential Property" which is houses, or in "Commercial Property" which is apartments and businesses. You can receive training for this field in many colleges. Get a basic understanding of contracts, and consumer law. What you earn is directly related to your ability to sell, because most real estate agents are paid a commission from what they sell. No sells, no pay. Becoming a "Realtor", a professional association for real estate agents will help somewhat. At first you would work as an independent contractor for an established agency to get experience. Than after a while you may want to open your own business. Good Luck on the career. About marrying a doctor, your on your own there.

    PS: If you want to become a real estate agent you should learn that Beverly Hills and Santa Cruz are about 350 miles apart.

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