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With so many politicians recently who have resigned and/or been involved in scandals, is this typical?

i'm just wondering if it's normal for what has been going on with politicians lately, as far as being involved in scandals and/or resigning before their term is over. it just seems as though when one scandal is just about to die, another one starts, or someone resigns.

just to name a few, alberto gonzales, tony snow, larry craig, scooter libby, donald rumsfeld, tom foley, dc madam scandal...blah blah blah. i'm sure the list goes on and on.

so, my question is, is it that our government is more f'ed up now? or is it a typical year in politics? and i just notice more since i actually watch the news and read the paper more than i did before.

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    i don't know. but the plagues will continue until hillary is elected and america repents.

  • Mary W
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    Our government, both federal and state(s) is corrupt. Those that make the laws choose to believe they are above the law of the land. Look at the chimp, Dick Cheney, and the rest you mentioned. I support total honesty in government and the candidates that seek and retain offices. I support term limits - that way a bad politician has a good reason to stay honest while in office and it gives the voters an opportunity to vote any rascals out who fail to represent the people, ALL OF THE PEOPLE.

    As for your question about our government being worse today than in earlier times ... I don't think it is any worse now than in times past but technology is out there and the media doesn't let publicity just die as they did before. If a bad politician or a dishonest one is in office now, the media is sure to find all of his/her skeletons in some closet - true or untrue - the media will word it in such a fashion that the politician in question will resign or be thrown out of office or something.

  • Shane
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    What has happened is that elections do have consequences the Repubs controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency which led to an increase in illegal and scandalous behavior. Now that the Dems control the Congress they are investigating Repub corruption and the Executive branch is going after the Dem crooks, like Jefferson with the cold cash in his fridge.

    Also, the press is scandal hungry and are trying really hard to catch Congressmen in sex scandals. This is an unusual year, and I think things will calm down after the 2008 elections.

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    well, lets see--

    kennedy,lol pick your scandal. bay of pigs,cuban missile crisis, maryln monroe to name a few.

    richard nixon--well you know the one

    reagan, iran contra

    clinton,lol more than i have room for

    for you calling a resignation of an attorny general a scandal shows your doltyness.(is that even a word?) but it fits you.

    tony snow has cancer you twit, he needs more money than he s getting paid. larry craig is a homo. you guys love homos. why dont you love him?

    scooter libby didnt do anything wrong, fitgerald did. thats your side

    hilary clinton has ended more lives than any mob boss. she s a cold blooded killer. she s just the lib type

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    the guy named does not slot in with 'Thatcher era flesh presser', cos he's around at different situations too, besides I heard another call according to a mag as quickly as sued via significant interior the 90s

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    i think there are way too many scandals, a bit more than usual lately, but the media also loves a scandal so they cover it to death.

  • Anonymous
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    For Republicans? Yes.

    They just can't seem to get enough of their lies, scandals, and corruption.

    I think it's finally catching up to them.

  • bungee
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    its normal when the wheels are falling of the wagon

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