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Hair straightener burns - OUCH!!?

I've just spent 45 minutes straightening - not blow drying just straightening - my hair and I have at least three burnt bits.

I was starting to overheat and sweat beause I was angry and I ended up burning my scalp twice and my thumbs have multiple blisters!! I know I should have calmed down but I was getting really frustrated. Now my fingers are sore and it's going to be agony next time I wash my hair.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done something like this. Let's share the pain and let me know if you've had any appliance related injuries. We can laugh at each others stupidity :)

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    I can understand your pain.......

    Saturday night - and i'm getting ready to go out with my mates, straigtening my hair and the straightener was so hot i didnt feel that i had completely, full on clamped my whole ear - when i did finally realise all the skin had come off and was stuck on the hot irons...... ooohhh the pain!!!!

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    Oh yes.... I have had a scabby ear or 2 from clamping them in between my straighteners!!!

    Years ago tho when straighteners weren't very good I did used to iron my hair......stupid I know - but trying to get the sides done was a night mare.One time I was trying to get the side bits done and burn the side of my face with the iron!!!!

    My mum went berserk!! lol

    The things we do for vanity!!

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    ya. i have a hair straightener and i've gotten burnt a couple of times. like on my scalp but i've never burnt my hands. and none of my burns were serious. thery were just little burns. and i just guess i'm a little more careful than you. hope this helped♥♥♥

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    oh my god ur like me i normally burn the top of my forehead slightly and when im straightening my hair the hair gets really warm n when u touch it u get blisters at the tip of ur fingers.its really annoying.i think u need a straightener that doesnt heat up dat much.

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    Not me but my sis did the same and ya, she's a bit for me, everytime i try and re-wire my DVD to my TV or to speakers etc, i'm getting shocked! WTF? even when all the appliances are off. I'm not even touching the connections..just the housing of the devices will do it. i get hesitant now and anxious whenever i have to do it so i use gloves but man i still get sweaty and angry too. then i try getting someone to touch them and they dont feel anything. geez!

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    Firstly, i do not spend 45 minutes straighteing and burning out my hair.

    Secondly yes i once dropped the straightners on my leg and it scard me for life.

    If its hurting your skin that much, imagine what its doing to your hair. Take that into consideration

    O yeah and toothpaste is good on burns

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    at 1st i wanted 2follow the straightening fashion as all young girls in my family seem 2go4,but their hair start falling and aint nice at all,so id say u do like i do,a bit of water mixed with VO5 extra strong gel wet look,over the brushed dry hair, pass on generally over ur hair and that should do the trick on ur hair...looks great on mine,simple and easy, no tears or swing moods;-)

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    yea ive grabbed the inside if my straightner accidently once, and burnt my hand, and i also accidently grabbed my ear with the straightner and had a burn mark for about week. ouchie =[ o and i also burnt some of my hair at a camp fire, the hairspray made the fire come quickly at my hair, but it went away really quickly, but it made my hair smell and it burnt he tips little, but i cut it and now its fine [=

  • Yeah, when i first got mine i burnt my ears quite a bit. Curlers are worse becaus they have only a little plastic bit to protect you. Soon you will get the hang of it.

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    No nothing as severe as that...Just grabbing my ear with the straightener once...Why go so close to the scalp so as to burn yourself???

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