Can someone suggest suitable food or foodstuff to alleivate gastric pain?

Any other information regarding food to avoid or suggestions to minimise gastric pain will be welcome. Thanks.

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    Gastric pain can mean many things and be caused by many things. You could have an ulcer, acid reflux, constipation, food poisoning or many other things. My first suggestion would be to have a doctor tell you the source of the pain. My next suggestion would be to investigate the many benefits of ionized, alkaline water. This technology has been used in Japan and Korea for over 20 years. They actually use this technology in their hospitals. There is an unpleasant video on the website below that shows how the water helped people with colon problems. I know of people who have cut their acid reflux medicine by 80% by using the water. It is definitely worthwhile to study all of the many uses of both the ionized acid and alkaline water. It helps with many different issues so check it out and form your own opinion. Most importantly, if the pain is always there then you need to have a professional diagnose why! Blockages in the intestine can be life threatening if untreated. Hope all goes well and have a blessed day!

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    If the pain is stomach cramps from some bad food you ate, I find there is nothing quicker than Apple Cider Vinegar. 2 teaspoons in a glass of water, or 2 tablespoons in a glass of water if it is really bad. In 15 minutes the pain will have gone away.

    Source(s): The Apple Cider Vinegar book by expert Bragg
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    For chronic ailments the best remedy is yoga especially pranayama. You can witness the Aastha channel where Ramadev of Pathanjali yoga preaches pranayama and people who attend his programme are greatly benefitted by the yogic breathing excercises.

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