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仙惠 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


In the study period, has joined the mass organization and the school English modern drama competition. No matter is mass organization's experience share, perhaps the competition by plans the process which completes, lets me know the group life being together, the expression and communication important.

In duration of work, happen to lets I can practice beforehand has studied each kind of knowledge and the skill application in the work, and with the customer contact interaction, lets me profit are very many. In the work I give play to one's strong points at the same time also often discovered that my insufficiency, will penetrate each kind of pipeline further education study regarding the insufficient place to enrich.

Because from the aspect had the interest regarding financial inventory accounting, usually using the time, the enrichment related knowledge, and oneself obtains many related cards to illuminate. Future also will take advanced courses using the night the university school record, the affiliation experiences the school record which and completes to enrich oneself individual duty border plan from this.

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    1. During my school days, has trained in a lot of organization,

    also joined the school English modern drama competition.

    Both of the firm experience and school competition made me

    realized the importance of expression and communication within

    a group.

    2. While I was working, I was able to exercise theory and skill of my

    study, and profit a lot by exchanging conversation with customer.

    During work, I always do my upmost in what I am good at, but at

    the same time I also learnt my insufficiency, therefore, to enforce my

    knowledge in all aspect and field is my quest to persue.

    3. Because of my interest in financial inventory accounting, I usually

    take time and opportunity to deepen and widen the related

    information of this field. In the future will also using the evening

    time to study in night university for advanced course to fulfill my

    obligation and duty.

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