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QUESTION FOR THE Muslims , what does this mean?

I see you use Allah and (sdw) or something like that

what does (sdw, or stw) means?

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    The abbreviation is not sdw or stw but it should be saw or sallahi alaihi wassalam and swt or subhannahu wa taalla.It is arabic language.Swt should be given after we called Allah e.g Allah swt.Saw should be given after we called Muham

    mad e.g Muhammad saw.

    SWT means Allah (God) Almighty and saw means peace be upon him or pbuh.In islamic teaching Allah is the only one God.There is no other God than Allah.Allah has no son and no parents.Allah is the Greatest King of all common humans and all of Kings/presidents/leaders in this world.Allah has omni or most power than the Bush as the super power..

    Source(s): Qur'an and Hadith
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    They are abbreviations. Let me give you some Muslims use:

    pbuh, peace be upon him: this is used after mentioning all prophets of Islam.

    swt, Subhanahu Wa Ta'Alal: translates to Great Almighty

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    SAW not sdw or stw....



    sorry it's right SWT and SAW for prophet Mohammad

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    allah means god but i never heard the word stw.

    Source(s): i am a muslim
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    It's Allah s.w.t, my fren..It's Subhanahuwataalah..

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    they pit letters after so many names I would not read them.

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    i have no idea but i really like tha pic of tha snowtiger :D its verry pwetty!!!

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    It just stands for 'almighty'. "God the Almighty.'

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    i'm muslim but i dont what u wanna about, you question does not make any sence. make it more cleraer

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