How do you deal with donkey's?

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    1 decade ago
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    As the person above said, the best think you can do is say, "Good hand" and move on. Yes it sucks when someone does something like this. But that's poker. And the reality is that over time (which is the only way to judge poker performance) you will make a fortune of idiots like this. What could be better than getting all you money in with a 90% advantage? Now and then you will lose and it will annoy you so much, but over time if you can keep getting your money in with the best hand you will ultimately make all kinds of money.

    As Phil Gordon says in his book. Don't tap on the aquarium. Just keep playing and the fish will give you their money. This opponent with the Q5 may have won that battle, but if you continue to play superior poker, you will win the war.

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    The bottom line is that you want people to call off with bad hands. This is where you can make a lot of profit. Poker is all about making the right call in any given hand. So if i make more good choices then the other guy, then i will win in the long run. Now aces do get cracked, and sometimes you can make a great call and still end up lossing, but i always tell myself all i can do is get my money in with the best hand, what happens after that is up to the cards. I only get mad at myself when i play a hand like Q-J, and i call and he turns over A-Q. When i have two kings and the other guy has 3-3, and he gets lucky and flops a set, i am never upset at all, it's just part of the game. I find that players who are playing good poker just go nuts and get off there game when they take a bad beat from a donkey.

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    with donkey's what?

    I'm poking fun at your grammatical error there.

    How do you deal with them? By thanking the sweet poker Gods for them. You want to encourage that kind of behavior, otherwise how would the competent players make any money? They might actually have to work for it playing against other competent players!

    You mean to tell me, given that scenario 1000 different ways you'd rather have the donkey lay that hand down? You and I both know that, in the long run, playing against players like that is going to net you a ton of money. Trying to "fix" the donkey will do one of three things, none of which are helpful to you:

    1. Irritate the donkey, causing him (and his money) to leave.

    2. Wise the donkey up, encourage him to learn how to play, and thus make him harder to beat next time around.

    3. Absolutely nothing (except maybe get you steamed).

    Nothing positive will come out of berating or schooling him. As tough as it might be for your ego, the BEST thing you can do after a hand like is say two simple words:

    "Good hand."

    Encourage that kind of play. It helps calm you down and it encourages him to make plays that will overall be profitable to you. Remember, poker is not about just one hand. It's how you do over months. Think about what will help you more in the long run when you catch a bad beat from a donkey.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The fact that donkeys can make plays like that and get lucky is what keeps them coming back even when they are long-term losers. So, be happy that they suck out once in a while. Also, you want bad players to do that. You don't want them to stop! If you cannot consistently beat donkeys at the lowest stakes, then you are the fish.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just as above people says in long run you a winner. Don ask yourself why i lose in poker, don't go on tilt!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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