Why would an officer go though an intersection against the light without using their lights?

I know there are times when they respond to calls and don't want a suspect to know they are coming.

I recently saw an officer make a left hand turn from the right hand lane cutting off traffic without using lights or sirens. They were responding to a collision about a mile up the road. I know this because I was headed that direction and saw them parked in the road behind the vehicle involved with lights flashing. I was wondering why they would not turn on the lights before cutting off traffic in the intersection.


tap158: If they received the call while going though the intersection, why were the making a LEFT from the RIGHT hand lane?

The Boss: It is not possible to be undercover in a MARKED patrol car with lights mounted on the roof.

So far, I'm leaning toward 'they forgot'. I was just wondering if I would get a different answer that made sense.

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    Most likely it was an oversight on the part of the cop. It was dangerous for him to do what he did, but perhaps it was just an honest mistake.

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    Cops....eh; What are you going to do? They think they are Omnipotent and treat everybody else like second rate dogs. Be grateful you didn't report it you would have been arrested for interfering with a cop in the pursuit of a donut.

    Many times they run to the "scene" without siren so they won't chase away the bad guy (who probably left 30 minutes ago, you know, when the 911 call came in) but without lights is just playing with peoples lives.

    Edit: The "patrolman" and the "undercover" dude are wrong. Just because you have a badge doesn't mean you can drive without obeying the law. Check your laws gentlemen; why do you think cops have lights and sirens {even UNDERCOVER}....? Jeez, I hope you guys really aren't cops, just wannabees!

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    Given your extensive knowledge of law, law enforcement and everything involved, I'm surprised you asked this question. Clearly, if you knew even close to a sixteenth of what you pretend to know, you would know the answer already. Seems more like you're just an ignorant wannabe that's failed at everything because you're too arrogant.

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    More than likely the cop just forgot to turn on the lights and siren.

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    when rolling on a code call s this was-sometimes it is better to not use lights and sirens--the gneral public does not respond well to moving over for blue lights and sirens and they sometimes get frustrated, confused, disoriented and cause a wreck rather then avoid a wreck--atch when an amblulance comes up behind you what your reactions are and others around you--fun to watch and pathetic--one lady did not know anything around her-still on cell phone when we went by with lights and sirens she neer moved over till we went by and then looked like well where did they come from

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  • Whynot
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    1 decade ago

    Could be his department has to clear him to be 10-18 (Lights and sirens) and traffic crashes (MVAs) do not always qualify for this. I believe he probably had a handle on it.

  • tap158
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    Sounds like he got the call as he was going thru the intersection and didnt have time to hit his lights till he got headed in the right direction

  • 5 years ago

    Cops aren't the smartest people. Most are quite dumb.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You seem to be very ignorant in every aspect of life. You must be a young kid.

    • STEVEN F
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      YOU or the young TWERP that has decided to HIDE behind 'anonymous' and throw BS insults at everything I have ever posted. What BS did I call you out on?

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    they are supposed to but he was in a hurry and probably just forgot

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