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Building Muscle Guide TY?

I am getting a card to access the Fitness Program...i went to that place 2 times already with my friend's card and i loved it,,it has everything weights, equipments for building muscle, pool, steam, spa all of that but i just need the info how to build muscle, like how many times should i go and work out a week? or should i work out my whole body 3/4 times a week or just a part of my body in one day and let it rest a i am confusing i've been reading many articles about building muscle and people have different ideas and opinions so i need your opinions and i hope you guys can help me ty and ya if you have any experience that'll be better TY in Advance good day!


Sorry forgot to mention about my body...

I am 18 145 LBS No fat 5' 7/8" ty..

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    Good job on the Fitness Program.

    I'll give you my take on it.

    I work out every other day, each day training different muscle groups. This way I can maximize those certain muscle groups with a days rest, I usually don't like doing a full-body workout because that leaves my whole body sore the next day.

    You can do something like this:

    Monday: Chest, Biceps, Abs

    Wednesday: Full leg workout, Back

    Friday:Shoulders,triceps,biceps, traps

    Sunday: Back, Abs

    I'm more of an upper-body building kinda guy cause I was gifted with huge legs. I usually just tone them.

    What I recommend is keeping your days that you workout your chest and shoulders far apart. Both muscle groups requires the triceps, and overworking your triceps will just slow down your performance. Also, they're both "push" muscles, and repeatedly working them will tire you out.

    The key is to be consistent and persistent. Do not miss a day, if you're tired/sore, workout still but take it easy.

    It's also fun if you workout your abs every other day, since not a lot of workouts require your abs. (Usually, they only workout the abs)

    Happy lifting! hope that helped!

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