Please verify the name of a physics experiment conducted about 100 years ago. Thompson Double Slit Experiment?

The results of this experiment, and others like it suggested that light has "wavelike" tendencies.

I reference this experiment in a paper I just wrote.


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    Well, you are certainly correct that the double-slit experiment demonstrated the wavelike nature of light. But it was performed a little over 200 (not 100) years ago, in about 1800, by Thomas Young.

    The only famous Thompson Experiment from around 100 years ago related to determing the mass and charge of an electron. A different guy, G.P. Thomson shared the Nobel Prize in 1937 for demonstrating interference patterns in electrons - showing that they were also partly "wavelike," but his experiment was performed with a diffraction grating, not a double slit.

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    I am very familiar with the experiment but I didn't understand it, sorry, there is a dvd called down the rabbit whole which explains it very well, I actually have a friend who can explain this, I will refer her to this question

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    What is this? Some weird-*** version of Jeopardy! where you supply both the question AND the answer?

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