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Can I wash my Select Comfort / Sleep Number mattress cover?

"You cannot wash the cover. It is likely to fall apart."

Well, that seems to be the consistent response that I received from the sales folks in 3 stores, and calling customer service twice. Well guess what... THEY'RE LYING !

I've had my King model 5000, dual chamber for 4+ years now and am VERY happy with it.

Last week one of my pooches urinated on it, and my wife went into a tizzy. I immediately inquired and was told by everyone at SC that it CANNOT be washed and must be replaced.

CS was so nice on the phone. "We're going to pick up the first 64% of the replacement cost..." were the first words she uttered. I was tickled pink. But the next words were "...and you'll pay only $276". I almost fainted.

Well, my wife and I decided to implement "Plan A".

Went to the local laundromat where they have LARGE capacity washers. We put the top cover (soiled section) into the largest machine on delicate.

We washed it TWICE, and then put it in the dryer for almost an hour.


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    just be careful the next time you dry it because it can melt.... i have melted mine in a few spots but it still fits and i don't plan on getting a new one until i get a new bed. I have washed mine at least 4 times in the last year, once when i first got it because my husband and i got it from his parents, and 3 other times because our cat likes to knock things over.

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    Sleep Number Mattress Pad

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    Sleep Number Mattress Topper

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    I bought a used SN queen bed with a 4" foam pocket above the air chambers and a 3" zippered pillow top. It smelled horrible and I thought it was the seller s musty basement. Even after leaving the components in my car for a few days to air out, it still smelled bad. I finally assembled it but two weeks later it still smelled. It was the foam (no discoloration, just age) and I trashed all except the black side foam pieces and ordered a foam topper on line. The pillowtop mattress still smelled so I had nothing to lose. It would either wash or get trashed. I took it to a full service laundromat and put it into the giant machine with one little box of detergent, used medium cycle and warm temperature. Worked great. I put it into the dryer at low heat for about 40 mins. then air dried at home for almost a week. The foam arrived in the mail, I aired it out and put the whole thing together. The pillow top mattress smells great, shows no sign of melting or deterioration, and zippered back perfectly. It s like a brand new bed. Be sure to use gentle/medium cycle in very large machine and low or no heat.

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    Jus bought the Queen size base off of CL (new bed on the way). Base came with the cover, smells like the old owners house but looks clean. Customer service said don't wash, but after reading these answers, it's in the washer now, and I'll just hang it up outside to dry, or set the dryer to low or air. Specially when a new one is $150

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    We just got our SN bed from my cousin today. It had been stored for a long time, plus they are smokers. So the pillow top pad smelled & looked to have some bad stains. Since we were given it for free, I figured we had nothing to lose. I took it to the Laundromat & used their BIG LOAD washer. I treated all the stains generously with SprayNWash with resolve, used Woolite, Oxyclean white refresher. Used the delicates cycle. I ended up washing it twice, but pretty much all the stains came out. A couple of the really bad ones faded to barely visible. I did use the dryer 1hr on low heat & I kept re-adjusting it every 10-15 mins. No melting, no fraying, etc. Looks practically brand new & smells great.

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    I've now read numerous answers on many sites and also just had a brief on line chat with a Sleep Number rep.

    WIth enough stories of folks having their cases melt, I am going to opt to take mine outside on a warm, sunny day and spray it with either vinegar or lemon juice and see if it will air and bleach out, and then put a thick mattress pad on top.........

    Wish me luck!!

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    I have a King and a Queen. Machine wash with or without pre soak with mild detergent. Air dry on close line living room or bathroom.

    So why all the caution?

    Zipper and Wear. Delicate washing machine cycle will do very little damage and letting it sit in the washing machine will do zero damage. Zippers and dryers don't mix well and dryer beats the heck out of clothes.

    Dry on a close line or lay out towels in your living room or bath room. Dry

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    After reading your comments, mine is going in the wash now. I'll take the chance after my nieces wet the bed when they had a sleep over last week. Had a mattress pad obviously not waterproof. I do not have small children. What do I have to loose? Thanks for the advice

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    I can't say about the mattress cover, but I went ahead and spent the extra on the Total Protection Mattress Pad. I am really glad I did. I have an elderly cat who sometimes cannot hold food in her stomach, and she wants to be on my bed. I have an OLD comforter on there that I'm not worried about. Anyway, she finally managed to throw up on my bed....it soaked through to the pad. Took the pad off, lo and behold NOTHING on the mattress cover. Yep, very well worth the cost!

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