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Do you think the heat can re-build?

I think the heat can trade haslam or walker for Anderson on the cavs and trade Jwill and Mourning for Mo Willams on the bucks. I can see the bucks lineup now.

PG: J Will

SG: Micheal Redd

SF: The former rapter(forgot his name)


C: Mourning or Andrew Bouget

The heat's lineup:

PG: MO Willams


SF: Walker

PF: Anderson

C: Shaq Daddy

So it works out for all of us right. Do you think so?

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    Mo Williams chose the Bucks over the Heat just last month so I can't see that trade ever happening. But, rebuilding is a need and definitely an option.

    This is the last year on J-Will contract. They may be able to trade him before the trade deadline to a team trying to clear up cap space.

    Walker will be harder to trade 'cause his contract is a little longer and a lot of $$. Unless he plays a LOT better than he did last season, I can't see a team wanting him. Haslem has always been good trade bait.

    The Heat will have to upgrade their roster via trade this season.

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    Milwaukee wont give up Mo Williams who they've recently gave a big contract.

    The Heat dont have a lot of players that are tradeable so the best way for them to improve is to look at thei bench. they actualy have a good bunch of young athletic players. Athletic players are what the Heat needs right now. Riley needs to develop those players confidence, just like what happened to their ex-player Jason Kapono. If they stayhealthy, and those youngplayers develop, watch out for the Heat.

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    good one! the heat would be very shaky though at the middle if zo gets traded. back up for shaq would be doleac. the bucks will actually get better w/ your proposition.

    by the way, i think you're thinking about charlie villanueva (ex-raptor)

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    Uh huh..........

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