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What can I keep tap water in to de-chlorinate it for betta fish?

Right now I have been filling pitchers, milk jugs, 2-liters, etc. with water, setting them in the corner of the kitchen and letting them neutralize before adding to my betta tanks. Obviously I can't keep them completely closed up, but I have noticed that when I am ready to use them the water is "polluted" with dust and there is a film on the top of the water. I've put them up on the counter, but that is taking up too much room. How can I keep that from happening? What do you guys with bettas do? (short of buying water)


I should've added this: I have tried the additives from the pet store and they just make the water cloudy & actually made one of my fish sick. After I changed his water, he got better.

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    Any over the counter water conditioner will remove chlorine rendering your water safe; however there are differences between them. Some such as Prime will remove Chlorine, chloramines and neutralize ammonia and nitrites, some like Start Right will remove chlorine and add electrolytes to aid in natural slime coat generation, some like Stress coat will remove chlorine and add an artificial slime coat.

    You need to decide which is the best type for your water conditions; this article is an excellent resource for information between water conditioners:

    As for buying water, do not use any water made for human consumption as most are missing important electrolytes necessary for proper osmotic function in fish. For further reading on this subject, please read this article:

    Source(s): 28 years aquarium maintenance and research experience
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    First, make sure your water department does not use chloramine instead of chlorine. It is getting more common, and it WONT go away like chlorine does, by setting i tout. Any of those things work, I use old water bottles but keep the lids on them. safest thing to do is just fill up the tank and use an inexpensive dechlorinator to kill all of the heavy metals in the water. Good luck!

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    You need to buy a product that actually dechlorinates your water because just letting it sit won't rid it of the chlorine and chloramine.

    What I use for my betta and other fish is Tetra Aquasafe. It instantly makes the water safe for your fish.

    That way you won't have to store any water.

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    There is a great product you can but at a fish store called stress coat it is very cheap and it works like a charm

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    go to your local pet store and buy some Stress Coat and put it in the water!!!

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