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israel soldiers?

i have heard that the soldiers in the israel army are the thoughest in the world... even though they dont have as much tech and budget as the united states army, i heard they are really really good soldiers, every civillian is trained preety much, they start at age 17 .i heard they were the best or close to best soldiers in the world is this true?


yes! i want to learn krav maga so bad..

Update 2:

and thebomber..noticed i said soldiers i didnt mean the technology they are using....they are tough...their environment is hell everyday...

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    Listen my son, and I will tell you much of what I know-

    I wouldn't say Israel is deficient in technology, LOL. Actually, if you check on wikipedia, Israel is the foremost leader for its size in military technology and ships out 10% of the world's arms by itself despite being a tiny country.

    Some famouse Israeli-invented military tech include the Uzi, the fearsome Merkava MBT series corner-shot SWAT rifle, the IED-protection humvees (being shipped out to our troops in Iraq right now), Israel is actually the only country in the world with an operational anti-ballistic missle defense system, the Hetz, or Arrow, Israel made the Harpy and many other UAV's (the Harpy is currently used in the Afghanistan conflict and the Iraq war by recon units), Israel also has RAFAEL, an advanced armaments company that has developed the SPIKE (a sophisticate guided anti-tank weapon), and the fearsome series of A2A PYTHON missles (said to be good enough to compete with the American make of AMRAAM missles) . Israel also spends a lot (10%) of its GDP on military financing, so they definetely are not deficient in equipment technologies and maintenance.

    So we've established Israeli has pretty good technology, mostly domestic made, and some imported by us. But technology doesnt win the war always. We know that in Israel's early days the Arabs had much more equipment, and better equipment, but the Arabs often vastly outgunning and outnumbering the Israelis still managed to lose every war. So how do Israeli's win every war, despite being so outnumbered? One word- guts. Well, actually two words- sheer guts. That and training. My friend's dad was a navy SEAL who once did cross-training with the Israeli commando unit : S-13 (shayetet 13, translation: flotilla 13). He said in his own words : " those guys were the toughest sons of bitches ive ever seen." S-13 is known for its grueling training program, one of the toughest in the world and certainly comparable to the SEALs'hell-week as my friends father told us. I believe much of Israel's skill in battle comes from simple yet effective training. In every war with the Arabs, Israel was at least 65% dependent on reserves- civilians that could be called out to war if needed. They tuned these guys up and got them ready for fighting in about 1-2 days. Israelis are determined fighters, who know their history. They know how the world had so cruelly persecuted their ancestors, and thats another reason. They shine in battle because they want to- they want to tell the world, "you wont ever bother us again, you will never beat us." They are fighting for their home-turf and for their people. The country is so small, they know the risks and consequences for failure-so they work 100 times as hard as anyone to make sure they win, because a war lost for a country so small as Israel could mean disaster. Its determination, bravado, courage, guts, training, spirit.

    Its the Israeli army.

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    All members of the Israeli Defense Force are trained in Krav Maga, which is a brutal close combat fighting style. In close quarters, Israeli soldiers are the last people you want to mess with. But they need to be tough, they have been actively fighting for their country ever since it was created.

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    The Israeli military is widely respected though out the world. Most of their equipment is older American equipment. They do a fantastic job of upgrading it and making it better than before. They have been in conflicts with their surrounding neighbors (some of which have sworn their destruction) since their formation. They have held their own so far and i suspect will continue to do so for a long time.

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    Isreal was born from the survivors of the Holocaust. They saw 7,000,000 of thei people walk quietly to their deaths. They were determined that no Jew would ever again die for a lack of fighting back. Many of the old guys are still teachers in the Israeli military camps. They are surrounded by millions of peop who hate them. They learn to fight and they use it daily. They are combat hardened and very well trained. Yes they are pretty tough.

    Source(s): Human Weapon : Krav Maga History Channel
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  • I've heard this too. And why wouldn't it be the case? Israelis are a hardy people, constantly under attack, sometimes invaded and are a comparatively small country in a region where everyone else hates their guts. I think they can justify militarising the population.

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    thoughest???naahh...!they've got every supports they needed from US and still u said that they don't have the tech?especially when it comes against the palestinian who has only pipe-stuffed -with-gun powder the Qassam-1 rocket as their best bet while they've got apache, F-16, merkava and various artilleries?

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    The realization that they absolutely can't lose or it is over probably makes them as good as anybody except for a few elite units.

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    they have to be tough..they are protecting against others from the first day the country is is call surviviving..

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    I agree with Ultranational.

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    Absolutely!!! From the beginning they have been YAHWEH'S people with HIS blessings, & they still are today!!!

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