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我想要一套電影的介紹, 唔要愛情片


- 電影名,

- 電影的年份,

- 電影內容,

- 主角,

- 自己對這電影的感覺




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    - 電影的年份:2007

    - 主角:贊仔(劉勝浩飾),細妹(金香琪飾)


    Fills the person, dog's true feelings story, makes one look affected. 11 year-old approve the young (Liu Shenghao the decoration) (Jin Xiang the Qi decoration) to lose the father since childhood with 6 year-old younger sister thin younger sister, two people are bound by a common destiny. Approved the young to steal the white puppy in the younger sister birthday to give her at the same day to take the birthday present, the thin younger sister was called the puppy young Bai. Young Bai has kept side loyally and devotedly the little brother and sister; Is an accident, the thin younger sister falls into the glazed frost lethal, loses the family member to approve the young to vent anger young Bai, loses it the street corner, goes to Pusan to pursue mother solitarily; What had not thought that young Bai loyal still pursued is approving the young trail, has pursued it along the railway the only master, is also its only family member…

    Director Piao Enheng "Likes ‧ Going home" using the technique of level vivid not sensational, loyal and the dependence writes down the puppy to the master, profoundly describes between the person and animal's sentiment, but young Bai to two young host's sentiments, is abandoned on You Ru elder brother and the younger sister are the same to family member's hope and the dependence!



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