I am 20 wks preg with my fourth & getting csec. with this one. I am really scared? any advice?

Any advice for the healing process? I am really scared about the staples and not healing as quickly as I did with my first three.


This is my first C-Section

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    I had to have an emergency c section at the last minute, so I wasn't prepared at all. But it was also my only time having a baby so i didnt have anything to compare it to.

    I have a pretty high pain tolerance and was able to get up and move around pretty quickly, and stopped taking pain medicine a couple days after coming home. The only advice I can think of to prepare is dont be scared to get up and move around. take it slow as you first try, but the earlier you do it the easier it is and less painful. and i believe its true because i recovered very quickly. at the hospital try to get up, take a shower as soon as you feel you can even if you're apprehensive. just walk around the room real slowly and then try to walk the hall a little bit.

    I remember when i first took off the bandage i was so scared, but it really wasnt that bad- the actual spot the incision is done is stays numb i hear forever. so u don't feel it. it looks worse than it feels.

    I remember the worse part was coming home and getting urges to cough and holding a pillow to my abdomen and trying to hold it back for as long as i could so scared it would hurt or i would tear my incisions. also going to the bathroom the first time, i was scared somehow i would just tear my incisions open if i pushed at all haha...and as after any birth thats always a difficult thing but i survived and am fine.

    take your pain medicine on schedule, before you need it again- also ask that the staff wakes you up or a loved one who is with you if you sleep if it is during atime to take your medicine. that way you wont wake up in a lot of pain. so just stay on top of ur meds, get rest while you can, and try to get around on your feet.

    The more you stay laying around the more tense and stiff your body gets. when you stand slow try to stretch your abdomen some so that it doesnt get all in knots.

    Also be prepared for at the hospital they will push in on your abdomen here and there. it only lasts a second but just be braced. i was told to gradually resume normal activity over a period of 4 weeks, but that the healing would take more around 6-8 weeks. I was able to do anything very quickly at about 2 weeks. But i took it easy because of doctors orders not to damage anything that was still healing. Also about the staples- i didnt think they hurt at all coming out. it felt like a little tugging here and there just like stitches but honestly the area truly is numb so theres no actual pain. Also- my doctor told me he uses a glue instead of staples on planned c sections. So you might not even have to have them.

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    Did you have a c-section with any of your other ones? From what you've typed I would assume not. I've had 2 c-sections, and honestly there isnt much that can be done about being afraid, express your conserns to your doctor, and when your in the hospital express them to your nurse and the doctor performing the c-section (if it happens to be someone besides your regular doc) The first one I had was an emergancy and everything rushed so quickly. The second time wasnt planned but it wasnt hugely rushed. My nurse was WONDERFUL at helping calm my fears, and the group of doctors kept communicating to me the whole time.

    As far as healing process, you NEED to make sure you clean the insision area at least 3 times a day and then keep the area dry! That will avoid any sort of infection. The staples arent that bad, it hurts a bit when they take them out, but the pain doesnt last long. just remember to take your pain meds! As far as healing, you have to limit yourself on how much you do if you push yourself too much you will take longer to heal! for at least the first week try to avoid any fast movements coughing, sneezing, laughing, picking things up.

    If it comforts you by 4 weeks after my second c-section i was able to lift my 3 year old without feeling hardly anything in the way of pain. ^_^

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    it is a scary thought the first time around. i've had to have 2 of them. the first was an emergengy c-section i had got hit by a car in my 7th month and it had messed up my tail bone. it wasn't scary after they got me back there though. and after i had my baby which was a boy. i came home from the hospital and wanted to get started on our 3rd within a couple of weeks. i had always wanted 3 and i wanted them close together so they would grow up close. that was in a may and that next july we had our little girl.by c-section as well. with no problems. after the 1st c-section i came home and went into cleaning my house. i would use a old tooth brush to scrub it. i had 1 scare after that incident but i felt great from day one. i had a infection pocket get in my c-section area and it burst and shot some blood on the wall. but there was no pain and it healed nicely. i was up walking the halls to the nursery after both c-sections the same nights. you have around the sme heal time involved with both deliveries. good luck and best of wishes. all will be well.congrats on your new baby.

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    Hi there, i had a c-section with my 2nd child and like you i was really scared. It is honestly not that bad just take it easy afterwards and keep the wound site clean and dry, i used a hairdryer on a low setting after a shower and that kept it dry. Just remember no heavy lifting for a couple of weeks afterwards and take it easy you will be fine. Hope this helps you.

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    I had a c section with my son and you don't even see the scar....If you nurse your baby you will get your body back more quickly also because that helps your uterus go back to it's normal size...i would not fear the c section things have come along alot in the past 15 years. My son is now 11 no scar is visible..

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    This is all normal, remember no 2 c-section's are the same, you are getting older been there do this and know the outcome to well, I too had a c-sec with my 2nd and was also scared I knew too much from the first.

    Get that little bundle in your arms and remember this shall pass too.

    Congrats!!!! Best Wishes!!! Mommy

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    Don't be. Your body knows what to do with it. It heals according to one's biological makeup. Some people take times to heal and some take less time than others. Your doctor can give you some advice and the right medication. Just tell them.


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    I noticed you mentioned staples, fewer doctors are using them for planned C-sections. Generally in emergency c-sections or if you are extremely obese. If you want to recover faster consider dissolveable stitches and tape. READ THE ESSENTIAL C-SECTION GUIDE it lists all your options and explains everything associated with a c-section possible. I am assuming this is going to be scheduled.

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