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    Free dating sites are not quality.

    Quality dating sites are not free!

    100% True.

    If you are serious of dating, if you want to find someonespecial, if you...

    Will you risk yourself on free dating sites? I will not. I joined in a dating site called millionairecupid.com, recommended by friends. I got my lover with 3 months' working. Now I 'm happily married. Good luck.

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    I have a 100% free and easily useful dating site for you. I'm personally use this site for meeting new people. I thing you like it.

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    There are 35 men for every 1 woman registered with a dating site. Protection racketeering with plain clothes buddy escorts possibly exists in all sectors of this society.

    Women practice dismissal, fear, and preoccupation. Men need an opening line, small talk, and to close with getting a telephone number or a date. The number one dating advice for women is "play hard to get".

    Obese blobs, (that are 50% of the population), have immature hysteria that causes delirium in good looking women. The environments in this society are .1% good looking women.

    No one has ever seen the start of a relationship. There are 21 organizations spying on the public with plain clothes agents.

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    6 years ago

    Free online dating services offer a good way to meet single people on the internet. You can search for as many singles as you like. You can seek singles in your area or other places. You can post your photo at these dating sites to increase the chance to be contacted by other single people. Check here http://www.friendfin.com/

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  • 1 decade ago

    well im not sure how old u areee

    but if u go to teenchat.com theres alot of rooms for differnt age groups and some for dateing..

  • 1 decade ago

    how old are you?

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