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Why doesnt DOnald Trump make a wrestling promotion wid Bishoff, and put WWE out of bussiness?

That would be a great force, and they would have the genius *(bishoff) and the financials (trump) to sign anyone they want and create a powerful company that would make WWE go out of bussiness, it would be quite interesting to see this, as another monday night war, and remember bishoff is no longer in contract wid WWE, and he didnt always like Vince, and Trump has a lot of ching ching and loves wrestling. and he loves competiont, ching ching

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    Actually, Donald Trump is under contract with NBC and NBC has a relationship with the WWE. USA Network is an NBC Universal property that airs RAW on Monday Nights while NBC airs Saturday Night Main Event Specials. Finally there is programming on Sci-Fi which is also an NBC Uninversal owned network. If Trump were to make his own wrestling promotion, he would be in breach of contract with NBC. Besides Donald is more interested in real estate anyway.

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    September 2007 Congressional Hearings.

    Pro Sports Athlete's, Fireman and Police Officers are now receiving suspensions, if linked to the On-line steroid buys.

    After the first of November! All new suspensions will be disclosed publicly. The ten suspended wrestlers were all receiving On-line steroids, a Felony. Choice is disclose or face charges or both.

    The Wellness Policy has failed to account, so far. WWE reports more suspensions will follow before November. First time 30 day's, second time 60 day's, third time fired.

    ? Online media reports that three or five “unnamed” already fired; BUT {timeline's blurred, so that may be old news or prior suspensions?} & {one of the ten being fired is persistently reported, unconfirmed and multi-sourced}?

    Are we to assume that some people wish, that Chris Benoit had Flushed his steroids? I bet the genetic jackhammer wishes he never Hired Chris.

    Vince McMahon will be unforgiven before years end by fan base. Not to suspend wrestlers, directs Felonious activities blame, toward management.

    WWE was dumb to trade on the stock market, not being a real sport became Mute granting regulation, the laws power did exist anyway.

    Vince can only Attempt to keep the Worldwide Wrestling Industry, and its Library. The McMahon Family allocated Felonious abuse. Trial in the 90's Mandated steroid testing.

    Wrestlers will no longer be as Pumped Up, true Fans’ need to hope for Entertainment / Sport, with a Guild / Union, of sorts.

    My Hope’s Include: Hogan’ renames and reforms Raw with 7 belts, adding a cruiser and a woman belt!

    Brett Hart’ renames and reforms Smackdown, with 7 belts adding a cruiser and a woman belt!

    Foley’ renames and reforms ECW, with 7 belts adding a cruiser and a woman belt!

    Ted Turner stays away!

    All three Individually Separated with talent trading {drafts!}

    ? PPV Belts would allow for off time? {Unsure}

    WWE must reply, respond and resolve, under threat of congressionally forced bankruptcy {power to halt all activities.} McMahon family’s removal will cure all!

    For the rest of this year wrestling events will suffer, look to the long-term effects. Bigger and Better things will always result.

    CHRIS BENOIT Killed the steroid Scourge; beyond wrestling!

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    Message to the other answerers: Why Chicago get so many thumbs down, he WAS the user Donovan T. He was a great user, and message to the questioner: you might as well just leave him alone. He left because he didn't want to be part of this section anymore (no offense) and giving his account back would be useless, sure he'll have his account back but theres no chance that hes coming back anytime soon.

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    Because Bishoff was a horrible manager and Trump should keep out of the WWE

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    Because if he did that it would fail and go banrpt just like WCW did because of Bischoff

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    cause he is a friend of vince mcmahon

  • it seems that you like wcw that explains it all. you dik

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