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is this extremist?

I work with a guy who is a born again Christian and he is very obnoxious about it. We have a couple of Catholic guys who work with us and he will tell them they are going to hell. Also during the Tsunami in Thailand he said thats what they get for worshiping goats. Plus when New Orleans went through there crisis he said "all I have to say is Sodom and Gomorrah". I know this isn't blowing yourself up extreme but it is making it safe for others to be extreme. For example he has two young children, and so do others like him. That next generation if one of those kids has any religious zealous behavior, then he is prime pickings for extremist behavior and why would he not? His whole life he was taught that this type of belief is virtuous. So to me people like this guy makes it safe for extremist behavior. What do you guys think?

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    I agree with you. His attitude supports extremist thoughts which lead to extremist behavior.

    The only way to combat this is through education. We have the duty to educate him and his children how to behave to make sure that no matter what their religious god-beliefs, extremist behavior will not be tolerated.

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  • Lisa
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    This is the type of person who gives Christians a bad name. You don't scream at someone that they are going to hell because you don't like their lifestyle or religion and you shouldn't be indifferent to someone else's suffering. As a Christian you are suppose to show love. It is possible to disagree with someones lifestyle and stand for your beliefs without being an obnoxious jerk. If you live your life trying to be the best person you can and treat people the way you want to be treated you are a much better witness than turning people off with stupid remarks and looking down on them.

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    Holy freaking cr@p that guy is NUTZ! I think that in the next generations, the tech singularity will trump any bullsh!t from a primitive school of thought such as that. Those who are zealots in the future will probably live in a commune far from where the real action is. Sorta like the Sawney Beane family. They'll be listened to and laughed at. After all, its the nonbiased who will travel through time first instead of saying how sinful it is.

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    Yes he is extreme, he forgot the part of the bible that says Christians must show compassion for one another and also he forgets that he will be judged on being a Christian also. During the Great White throne Judgement all people will be judged on one are you one of God's and if you are you will be judged on how productive of a Christian life you lived. He may go to heaven, but he will not likely earn the crowns of distinction type of awards from JC.

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  • Anonymous
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    I'm all up with Richard 15. He's an extremist and into harrassment.

    Telling someone they are going to hell is the same as a curse! Besides, sin't the work place supposed to be a place to get the company's work done? Not your personal stuff?

    Blessed Be

  • Anonymous
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    I think that guy is off his rocker... Catholics will not go to hell, unless of course they are evil. And he should not pass judgment like that, there were many good people in New Orleans. That is not a Christian attitude at all.

    And I wouldn't be sure about him being born again. I'm not saying that he isn't, but I'm not quite sure...

    So, yes, I agree with you.

  • KAL
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    Well, personally I think God's philosophy is a little like "what goes around comes around"...someone that looks at the tragedy of another person and tries to suggest it is God's punishment is really looking to have God teach him a valuable lesson when his own tragedy strikes! Someone that condemns others to hell will be judged harshly by God when his time comes.

    Sorry you have to be exposed to this kind of nonsense, but please realize that all sorts of people can be obnoxious and mean-spirited. In many cases, their hostility is a result of their own fears and insecurities. I remember a family in our church growing up...the parents frequently condemned my parents for not controlling my behavior better and suggested that my parents would answer to God for letting me sin...and they directly and indirectly condemned me for various actions they thought were "unchristian"...this went on until their own son was sent to prison for bank robbery!

    Perhaps you can content yourself with knowing that if he is right (about Christianity not about his behavior), that God will deal with him (vengance is mine)...and if he is wrong about his religion, he'll die having lived a pretty miserable life spent judging others.

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    i think of it relies upon the project handy. A average does not unavoidably say "i do unlike homicide, yet I won't rigidity others to no longer kill people." from time to time the "extremist" view is the sole suited suited one. And the so-called average view is extremist.

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    He's an extremist alright. Fundies are good for comic relief sometimes, but some of the things they say can be shockingly terrible. I'd complain to the boss about him if I had to work with him.

    Source(s): I'm a mainline Protestant, we're awesome, fundies are lame.
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    The short answer is he's a jack@ss who found an excuse for his 'better than everyone' feelings by joining an intolerant and bigoted movement.

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