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I drive 93 Honda Accord,a month ago I put some bad gas in my car,I try using STP treatment to get it out?


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    Drain the tank!I have a 1996 Honda Accord and if yours is like mine they have a drain plug on the fuel tank.It looks like a oil drain plug on the front side of it pointing to the engine bay..

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    Drain the tank. No additive in the world will fix a tank of bad gas. If you ran thru the whole tank of bad gas already (you must have) and it is still running poor, the the gas is not the problem, something else is.

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    it may take a few minutes for the STP to get to the engine. If the fuel treatment doesn't work try siphoning some bad gas out and put a few gallons of 93 octane fuel in the tank.

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    I agree with what was stated earlier. Drain the tank. Don't run bad gas through your engine.

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  • SAM L
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    sue the gas station they will pay 2 fix it

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