What are the sight seeing places around Oklahoma city? Please help me out..gettting bored at home?

What are the sight seeing places around Oklahoma city? Please help me out..gettting bored at home

I can drive minimum of 3-5 hours

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    Why not do some driving of Old Route 66?? OK has some of the best parts to drive and a ton of the original route. There are all kinds of crazy things to see! It also runs right through OK City. Something to do and you discover new things all the time.


    I like Tulsa OK there is a lot to do in that area. They have some great state parks around. They also have a great night life; after all it is a college town. There are some really good places to eat there, and just other crazy tourist stuff. Check out their website:


    Tulsa has a great October Fest, their website also list other events that go on in the city. It really can be a fun town. It also has the air and space museum which is really cool!

    If you are just looking for a drive head up to Stroud and eat at the Rock Cafe. Featured in the movie cars some of the best diner food around and a fun road trip.

    Rock Cafe at intersection of 8th Ave. (OK-99) and Main St. (Ok-66).

    Arcadia OK just open the new POPS. This place is made with soda bottles and has a huge display of sodas. You can get soda from all around the world. They also have a diner and they are suppose to have great food. I have never been there it just opened last month but, people from all over are making a big deal out of it and I saw it on the news. Check out their site you might like this:


    Side note Arcadia is also home to the round barn, fun to snap pictures of and show friends.

    There is a military fort in El Reno OK that is very cool to see, we have been twice and enjoyed it each time. Nice park area, take a lunch and make a day of it. Here are directions:

    Fort Reno: There's a military fort near El Reno. To reach the entrance, turn right on OK-66 towards the north for 2 miles near exit 115 of I40. Fort Reno was established in 1874. It was used protect the personnel of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Agency.

    Why not check out Miami OK??? Again another college town but, there are tons to do here. They also have a lot of festivals and special events. Their website has a ton of information of what to do and where to stay. There are also a ton of Native American things to do here. There are several reservations which are interesting to see.


    You could also drive up to places like Kansas City, Joplin, and Springfield MO. They all have a lot of things to do. They are a little farther than 5 hours but, get you out for a cheap weekend!





    Hope this helps you get some ideas for places to go! Good Luck!

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